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Posted on 23/11/2012

A while ago, a picture came out of the Dalai Lama and Prince Charles laughing together. This was somewhat challenging to me as I thought the Dalai Lama to be a goodie, and Prince Charles to be a baddie. What are they doing together? They look like they are on the same team!

Maybe the Dalai Lama is a baddie after all? Maybe Prince Charles is a goodie after all? Maybe the Dalai Lama doesn’t realise Prince Charles is a baddie? Maybe Prince Charles is stealing the Dalai Lama onto his team of baddies.

It’s starting to sound like a pantomime.

I have been brought up on the idea of goodies and baddies. People are supposed to fit one category or the other, so we can label everyone, and create two sides, two teams.

The attraction of labelling people is that once you have labelled a person a goodie, you can get lazy and just believe everything they say and do is good. You no longer have to process or filter anything that comes from them.

This is really handy for anyone who wants to feed you bad stuff. All they have to do is feed it to you via the goodies. And you accept unquestioningly. For example, get the mothers to feed their kids poisoned food. Mum is a goodie, so it must be ok. Get a “good” celebrity to endorse CocaCola or insurance or banks or war. For example, Daniel Craig recently visited troops in Afghanistan. Great, that means war is ok after all.

Similarly we could miss something good that comes from a baddie. Because we categorise everything they say and do as bad. We could even mistakenly categorise good stuff as bad! For example, Prince Charles is into organic gardening. If you have him down as a baddie you might easily put organic gardening into the baddie category too. Or conversely, you might classify him as a goodie because he’s an organic gardener.

This is really handy for anyone who wants to stop you receiving good stuff. All they have to do is make out that the source of the good stuff is a baddie, or even a maddie (mad or bad). I think David Icke is a very good example of someone painted both mad and bad, when most of what he says is very useful and interesting.

Another danger is that we assume we are in one of the compartments ourselves, usually the goodie camp. And we are therefore at war with the baddies. Any sort of war between humans seems to be destructive and divisive.

So back to the Dalai Lama and Prince Charles. I must stop putting them, or anyone else, in categories! I have not even met either of them.

Most of what the Dalai Lama says and writes seems to me to be very wise. I have no idea whether or not he is part of the Big Plan for total planetary control. It doesn’t actually matter, because I have received a lot of wisdom from him. Providing I filter and process everything that comes from him, providing I do not idolise and blindly follow, I can just take what is useful for my journey and leave the rest.

Most people seem to be looking for a guru or idol, someone strong who can guide them, tell them the right things to do and think. This seems like the old way of doing things. The strength is within, and that’s where we need to look. Other people are just signposts or helpers along our own path.

Prince Charles, I am pretty sure is part of the global elite paedophile network. This is the depths of evil, to my mind. It does not mean he is 100% evil, and there maybe good in his life too. I remember he was once ridiculed for talking to plants, and this is something that is now gaining increasing attention and scientific acceptability. Plants that are treated well will grow well. They have a spirit too.

As I see it, the whole of humanity is on the same team. It is the systems and the indoctrination and the control that is crazy and evil and twisted. People perform (and are addicted to) evil acts as a response to what has happened to them. The only way for the human race to win is to acknowledge we are all part of the same whole. Divided we lose, united we stand. Categories and labels divide us, stop us helping each other along, and they make us look outside ourselves for the truth.

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