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Hello we come from your inner planet known to you as Agartha. We are physical as you however we have advanced into a higher dimension, one that you reading this are transitioning into in each moment of the now. As you release your fears, your judgments, your feelings of lack you now can feel as we do of the spiritual realms. These thought states have been perpetrated upon you over millennia of your time in an effort for you to forget your essence, to forget where your true power and growth lie, within.

You of the light are now shining bright as you send your continued light, your steady stream of love and forgiveness to blanket Gaia. In spiritual terms the more you give of your selves the more is reflected back onto your being. This is because when you do give of yourself freely you are letting the universe know you have an abundance of you to give that you do not lack and that you know of your true essence of the One.

It is true we can project our beings to where we desire and our physical beings experience no sense of separation as we are in these moments of ‘travel’. You, our brothers and sisters, are entering these states and it is our joyful honor to assist you into stepping into your rightful place in the cosmos, one where you have returned to your family.

It is in times of great uncertainty on the surface of your planet when your greatest attributes shine through. As in all things relative you will be able to shed a light of positive certainty onto a world where the majority see uncertainty. This is also known as living within the light. Those that are of love and knowingness bring forth certainty to those that have chosen to remain within the veil of fear, those have continue to choose to live in uncertainty and desperation as if there is no way out and any occurrence that may shed some ‘light’ on their future is wiped away by the ensuing thoughts of lack or their thoughts of despair.

We of Agartha address these messages to those that can hear the messages, see the writings, and know the truth behind the intent of that which you are reading. As always please discern all messages you may deem from spirit as to having a joyful pulse within your being, one that you feel inspires. Anything else, discard and move on.

We come to day in order to release information to those working for light and the love one possesses within their grasp. Allow us to portray a picture to better assist in the understanding of where each and every one of you is now standing. There are now 42 days until the 12/12/ opening and each of you have asked to be of assistance in one aspect of his and her design. Do you wish to assist in the organization of those that are confused, do you wish to assist in energy or education or healing or do you wish to ride with us on our journeys and explore? These are but a few of the choices presented and bear in mind that choices in how to be of service are limited only in your thoughts of what can be conjured. You all have agreed to be of service before the veil was draped over the third eye and for that we are all grateful.

Allow us to suggest that your assistance will not be drudgery yet quite the opposite. Your need to purchase items and be indebted will cease and your desire to assist in a joyful manner will replace this old paradigm of thought of one step in front of the other. Your ‘daily grind’ will be replaced with a daily infusion of joy as what you will be ‘doing’ will be also whom you are being, one that has now chosen joy and beingness rather than one that has chosen doingness.

This will be a new concept to some but the being of a new embodiment will feel as if you have been wearing this skin for all of your ‘life’, and indeed you have.

There is much being done out of the eyes and news of the majority and it is better left in this manner until such time its exposure will be a benefit to all. That time is near upon all.

Our allies in the sky, our friends of formlessness and our brothers and sisters that reside with us below the surface of Gaia have been tending tirelessly to the awakening of the political machinations of your USA and as a direct consequence the organizations that are in place to capitulate their own countries into the new shift away from control and indebtedness.

There are now currently 143 countries signed on to instill a newly formed system of economics which would be one of abundance for all, not just a few and not even for the majority but for all that exist in this time and place of the now. This plan has been in place for some time and is being implemented discreetly as to not fracture the current beliefs that currently exist within the mainstay of the various populations. WE choose to not move too quickly as we do not want to create more fear.
How can there exist an economy that does not survive on imposed debt and its cousin desperation, those unaware will ask? If all one has had to do was to follow the current news is FOX and CNN then it will be easy to see how your peers will ask such questions. But for those that have been within the light there is knowingness, a belief (which is a result of your thoughts) that in a spirit based living paradigm there is no misery, there is no uncertainty, there is no self-created fear, there is no lack and there is only joy and a belief that there is nothing else but joy and abundance.

When we speak of abundance we not only are referring to financial gain but abundance that occurs when a vast majority of those that have chosen to believe, believe that that is truly all there is…an abundance in all that one deems beneficial in one’s life according to which beliefs one holds. All those things deemed necessary to one’s joyful plan will be provided in an instant.
Allow us to offer this; Fear, uncertainty, health problems, unresolved issues, sadness, judgment and other 3rd dimensional thought patterns are not within you to torment, they have been sent by a most benevolent creator to assist you with lifting you up, relatively speaking. Let us first consider that your beliefs now are of an inclusion based environment.

That which you give your thoughts to will inevitably show up in your physical experience if they are held long enough within. If one is living by means of knowingness that assistance is and always has been present to lift you up in the form of your inner self and your beliefs then your experience of that will pervade. If you believe that all things exist to scare you into reaction than chances are fear will guide and your path will be crosshatched as best. We wish to let you know now that everything you will ever need to be fulfilled is and has always been within. We know this for we are of the same energy as you all.

We speak now to those that have been of light and love as You have chosen a path that has felt good to you. This path cannot be found in your news nor from friends or the internet this has been a calling from within and you intuitively knew you were being called. Please do not discount these sources as sometimes needed messages do come from these unlikely sources so always listen and feel with an open mind. You may have even set yourself up to ridicule but continued nevertheless on your journey of self, knowing that the rewards were always within you, never outside of your being.

Yet you will be called upon with a task of assistance to those that may have ridiculed and you will smile a knowing smile and be there with all your heart to extend your hand in love for this is who you have chosen to be. You know deep within that you do not derive your esteem from what others are saying or doing, that you derive your spiritual essence deep within your soul, within your beingness and know that you are of the One and as such you have the same power to create that which you choose to experience. This is a part of the knowingness we speak of, knowingness that you can alter your experiences to joyful ones by experiencing that which you do not choose to experience. If you see sadness you can now choose joy, if you see fear you can now choose knowingness that in spirit all IS okay, if you experience lack you can sense that there is now plenty of everything you believe you will need.

You will also be financially stable so as to be able to assist where you have chosen to be so we suggest that you not worry about the finances of yourself or of your family for we do know who you are and we are quite aware of your needs at this present time. This will continue until such ‘time’ that an economy is not needed within the constructs of where you say you wish to go. We will not cut off the current economics of the surface in one swoop (we enjoy that word) but will implement a system that you of the light are aware of, one of equanimity and equality.

Please know that it is assured that your ‘worries’ will be null while you are in the process of the tasks you have chosen.
Please be open to the changes that are even now in construct. Watch what comes out of your Washington DC and see the small subtle changes beginning to emerge as those in political prowess will begin to create this change for a more ‘by and for the people’ government. The divine decree has been instigated.

We welcome you to a new and improved world, one of your making. As we have always communicated; continue to think and dream bigger than you can possibly imagine. This is where bigger than life experiences materialize, within the core of each and every one.
WE are communicating as a collective from Agartha of the Inner Earth. We will return soon and have enjoyed our communication with you. Continue to give of your light for there is no other force that can be reckoned with as you send it outward into and onto the planet Gaia, there is no weapon that they could think of that can counter its effects. Love truly is ‘All you need’.

Hang on to your seats we promise the ride will be brimming with joy.

Channeled through:
Patrick Sullivan

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