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LEARN THE CURE FOR EVERYTHING IN THREE MINUTES – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Dear world,

This is the truth as I know it to be.

The cure for everything that is out of balance….is logically speaking, to return to balance.

I have developed a short list of ways that anyone can apply, young or old, educated or not, to cure everything that is out of balance in one’s life including cancer, disease, obesity, depression, toxicity, and more.

As large waves of gamma radiation are being beamed to planet earth, this is infact, expanding humanity’s realm of possibilities.  What wasn’t possible yesterday, is possible today.

1.  Do regular parasite cleanses (as most normally available food and water is contaminated with bacteria, viruses etc.).

2.  Eat raw food (that has lots of Light in it). Get 20 min. of sun every day.

3.  Reprogram your subconscious from all limiting information (10000′s of commercials and advertising have embedded values, attitudes and beliefs into you).

4.  Balance body pH to pH= 7.4. Do regular detoxification (since the world is very toxic right now). Pay particular attention to the containers that food and water are sold… learn the effect of gmos, pesticides, herbicides, microwaves, plastics, teflon, tin cans, tetra paks, foil, aluminium, silicone…. on the human body.

5.  Bathe and season food with Himalayan salt (unprocessed salts from the ground are pure and wholesome… table salt= most inferior salt).

6.  Have a spiritual relationship with water. Learn how to make sacred crystal water. (Water is like a liquid computer that responds to human thoughts and emotions).

7.  Connect with your Higher Self and God (to know who you are and what you are here to do in collaboration with God). Lead a life guided by your Higher Self, rather than your ego).

8.  Close your gap of denial with God that includes many ego-based health-related gaps, feelings of being alone, abandoned, not useful etc. (because God cannot go where He is denied).

9.  Love thyself, and thy brother and sister as self.

10.  Follow the Laws of God and The Creation (to find balance with the rest of the Universe).

11.  Re-examine daily habits that contaminate you.  Re-examine your use of soaps, cosmetics, sprays, cleaners, detergents, deodorants, medicines, processed foods and more.

12.  Humans only see a small range of Light frequencies.  Learn to work with unseen Light.  (Protect  yourself with God’s White Light.  Surround yourself  and the world, with Violet Flame of Transmutation to immediately transmute harmful energies into loving energies).

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The Violet Flame:
The Alchemist’s Dream

What the Violet Flame Does
How the Violet Flame Works
The Alchemist’s Dream
How to Use the Violet Flame
What Do Others Think of the Violet Flame?
Decrees to the Violet Flame

The more you can EXPAND your CONSCIOUSNESS into the UNKNOWN, with GOD and then BECOME LOVE IN ACTION, the more you will cure everything that is out of balance.  Know it!

The more you learn new ways to love self, the more you will know God.

Humanity is dearly loved by the rest of the expanding Universe… no limits are necessary in an ever expanding universe.

Enjoy recreating yourself in your true image!

Feel free to share this information with my blessings and thanks.



Indian in the machine

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