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Posted on November 18, 2012 by Katrina

Word of warning, this is a very direct post.  I’ve been very open and honest about my personal feelings as well as providing spiritual insight.

December 21, 2012, winter equinox, the Yule celebration, the darkest day of the year (less sunlight than any other day) and the end of the Mayan calendar.  Please notice I didn’t say anything about the end of the world.  Recently there has been more investigation, speculation, research, debate, and planning than perhaps even during the Y2K scare of 2000.  We humans tend to let even minor changes panic us.  The truth is the plethora of possible scenarios running rampant in imaginations all over the world are scarier than what will probably happen.  Our fears are almost always worse than actual reality.

We may have solar flares, polar shifts, or gravitational changes; however, I have no idea why these seem to be an issue, we have solar flares, polar shifts, gravitational changes, not to mention meteor showers, and obscure space junk falling all the time.  As the planets spin and rotate around the sun and the earth, there is a constant tug, push, dip, swerve, pull, press, wiggle, sway and movement caused by variations in gravitational force among the planets and the sun.  Our earth is part of this, no one knows exactly how long this has been going on nor does anyone know how much longer it will continue.  The earth survives and continues in her support of us through all these astronomical dances and except when there’s a big news flash or some social media brings it to our attention, we go about our daily lives oblivious to it all.

Most religions and spiritual principles foretell of an apocalypse, a day of reckoning, a moment in time when everything changes for human life as we know it.  When we get up everyday and go to work; are we not ’working’ to change our life?  When we save, plan and build for the future; is it not for a different life than what we are currently living?  When we worship, pray, meditate, and practice spiritually are we not practicing for a hoped for spiritual awakening?   What if all the societal corrections we harass our governments for happen naturally due to planetary alignment and atmospheric alterations?  Would a change in spiritual consciousness; a new age of compassion, understanding and acceptance, really be so bad?   What if the planetary changes which ‘may’ occur on December 21, 2012, repair global warming and heal the earth?  What if some global disaster does happen, but when the dust settles you realize those people you thought were different from you, that you thought were savages or morally inept due to different spiritual practices, that you thought were not as good as you, or that you didn’t want living in your neighborhood, going to school with your children, or God forbid, running your country, what if it turns out those people are exactly like you?

But, what if, . . . nothing happens.  Our calendars end every twelve months.  What if it turns out that the Mayans were just keeping much longer, more complete calendars than what we have time, attention or selflessness to create?  And, by the way, for all the religious zealots, when did you begin assuming that just because the Mayans ended their calendar, this means your apocalypse, doomsday, or rapture is set to occur?  Are not these people some of the ones you’re always trying to save from themselves? Since when do you base your religious time frames on some other culture’s beliefs?  What if the point to this current end-of-the-world panic was to teach us to care, nurture and love the earth, the environment, the waters, the plants, the animals, and (dramatic pause, then gasp) other people; even the ones that appear different.  (I know most of you who read my posts regularly do not fit into this category).

What if . . . ?  You fill in the blank. I’d love to hear what each of you is fearing, hoping or even foreseeing?

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