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Patrick Sullivan ~ From Agartha; Your Special Assignments ~

Posted by Eternity at Love and Light Portal

Hello we come from your inner planet known to you as Agartha. We are physical as you however we have advanced into a higher dimension, one that you reading this are transitioning into in each moment of the now. As you release your fears, your judgments, your feelings of lack you now can feel as we do of the spiritual realms. These thought states have been perpetrated upon you over millennia of your time in an effort for you to forget your essence, to forget where your true power and growth lie, within.



DL Zeta ~ You are Multi-Dimensional, Existing Simultaneously throughout the Universe ~

The energies of November through year’s end open a window for exploring new spiritual identities that will carry us seamlessly into the expanded future we have envisioned over the past decade. This re-envisioning of our destiny takes place as old ways of perceiving ourselves and the world we live in erode and fall away.

Accepting All Things are Possible in the Universe


Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Commitment

Keep your focus

Angel guidance reminds you that when you aim for a vision and keep your thoughts completely focused on the positive aspects of the project and work at the project, it must succeed. Your guidance is to keep working toward your goals and desired outcome. Keep yourself focused and positive in all that you do, and remember to keep a balance in your activities to include getting out in the world and breathing fresh air, feeding your heart and also doing activities that feed your soul.

Your gift is having the world at your feet. Receive the rewards and expansion that you seek and know that your destiny is your birthright. Trust in yourself and trust in your visions and work on creating the things that are most important to you in your life right now. Remember to ask for any assistance along the way and know that when you are committed to your intentions for the highest good, you are always supported.

 Affirmation: “I am committed to my vision; I trust that I am always guided and I am in the right place at the right time.”

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji,Kiitos

Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn

All rights reserved.



Marilyn Raffaele ~ Arcturian Message ~

Posted by Eternity at Love and Light Portal

Marilyn Raffaele

Dear ones, again we lovingly greet you in these times of much seeming chaos. It is the clearing of old and dense energies that present as the storms and weather related issues you are seeing on dear Gaia. Gaia is a living soul, not a piece of dirt to be used as a dumping ground and endless resource. She has chosen to ascend out of these dense and debilitating energies. Like you, she too must release and clear that which is still held within her energy field in order to bring in the higher dimensional light. These events are also serving to bring people out of the dense hypnotism of their current addictions to technology. When these events happen, people begin to once again interact and speak to each other in caring and loving ways, instead of allowing themselves to be isolated within technology which only serves to separate.



Posted by Eternity at Love and Light Portal


“The dust of exploded beliefs may make a fine sunset.” -Geoffrey Madan

The Universe is in a natural cycle of revolutionary change as swiftly expanding numbers of earthly initiates plunge into conscious change to match the higher frequency expressions. Get ready to create a week that allows for stability and integration because of the alignment that happened within the deepest desires of your precious Self last week. You want to stay tuned to the concise, clear stirrings of your Soul Truth because we just crossed (on 11/11&13) a critical threshold in our evolution toward spiritual 5-D embodiment.


GoldenLight ~ The New Earth ~ Message 1 ~ Angelic Council of Light ~

Channeled by Goldenlight,


We will speak of the new earth now. Many are confused about what will be happening and when. Your new earth is already in the process of being created… It is an earth filled with love and light, free energy, an egalitarian “council” that oversees the smooth running of things.. In our higher dimensions we are not “governed” per se but we are overseen by councils who lovingly watch over all aspects of creation. Beings are not “ruled” or controlled.. They are lovingly guided and assisted to their highest good. This is how the new earth will be overseen.. By egalitarian councils.. Always expressing truth and with all beings highest good in mind, including humans, plants, animals; all living things, and the greatest being of all upon which you live, which is Gaia or mother earth. Along with this new earth will be a new respect for this living being of Gaia, and all who inhabit this new higher dimensional creation of “new earth” will honor and respect Gaia for they will realize that she is a living breathing spirit who deserves the same love and respect as all the people who will now be lovingly living upon her “body”. These new inhabitants of the new earth will intuitively know that to harm another living being, including Gaia, is to harm oneself, as all will be moving towards the Oneness consciousness that pervades the higher dimensional worlds.


Méline Lafont: Message from the Pleiadians ~ Love one another these last days, progression will be achieved by this ~

Welcome, greetings from our Presence of the Light. We are the collective consciousness of the Pleiadians, star family of many of you on Earth.

We have made a conscious choice to step forward in this time and space of Earth and we wish to elucidate on a number of things for all of you. Due to the fact that you are now in an extremely intense and important time we wish to request that you focus on certain things and become interested in them. Most important things are now going to unfold, requesting complete trust and commitment of all of you.

Some profound changes will come to pass and introduce themselves to each and everyone of you on a personal and also on a collective level. Those changes have been a long time coming, nevertheless, we feel the intensity of it all increasing and gradations of interests are beginning to surface so we no longer wish to wait to get it to complete fruition.


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