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Published on Nov 21, 2012 by

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On this episode of the Pete Santilli Show:

Former marine Bobby Powell from The Truth is Viral T.V. at http://bobpowell.blogspot.com/ visits The Pete Santilli Show and the true meaning of patriotism comes forth. Bobby is an investigative journalist and talk show host who is not afraid to tell the truth about what is coming to The United States of America if we don’t stop it. Bobby has this to say in his Bio:

“Since the truth is non-partisan in nature, I’m likely to anger a lot of people from every political party, race, ethnic group, and religion at some point; but I’m not in this to be anybody’s yes-man or spin-miester. 

I will always bring you the absolute truth – unhindered by any corporate agenda – and yes, sometimes the truth is ugly.” ~ Bob Powell

Although Bobby Powell expresses his disdain for Alternative Media talk show host Drake, Pete seems to maintain neutrality and balance in Drakes defense. “He’s a meat & potatoes kinda guy, and I don’t want to criticize him since he’s at least trying to make a difference. He’s made some outlandish predictions, but I don’t want to fault the guy for at least trying to keep people informed.”

The Iron Dome of Israel is a subject not many people are talking about and Pete brings it to the forefront on tonights show.  Pete gives listeners some “advanced information” about confidential correspondence he forwarded to Dr. Judy Wood regarding a high level inside military source who is an expert in the protective “Iron Dome” over Israel. Santilli says that conversations with this source of information potentially reveals that Israel has paid for the development of directed energy weaponry over the past 20+ years. The U.S. Army contact has discussed this technology with Pete, and as a result of Dr. Judy’s research, Pete now believes there is a direct connection between Israel, directed energy weapons and the U.S. Government. Correspondence was sent to Dr. Judy Wood for her documentation and general information, as well as for the purpose of taking protective measures. In the wake of the death of an informant associated with Jesse Ventura’s recent “Death Ray” episode on Conspiracy Theory

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