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Posted by Steve Beckow

Matthew gives us a remarkable message this November and I do hope everyone gets a chance to read it.

There’s still the difference between his account and the accounts of Archangel Michael and SaLuSa on whether we enter Fourth or Fifth Dimension (or Density, as Matthew prefers) at year’s end.

But there’s no difference in noting that, whether gradual or sudden, whether on Dec. 21 or not, Ascension will occur. Matthew calls what we’re embarked on “a journey back to life-sustaining balance – you know this journey as Ascension.” (1)

The wealth of information in the rest of the account makes this a message to read repeatedly and study. Among the contributions it makes are his explanations of:

  • What ascension-related symptoms we may be feeling, when healing of debilitating conditions will take place, and how we should be proceeding from here on in in relation to diet, prescription drugs, and non-prescription drugs.
  • How the re-election of President Obama took place as viewed from the standpoint of the universal laws and the Master Plan for the Golden Age.


  • How the same universal laws and the elevation of vibrations are affecting other areas such as “family, neighbors and co-workers and as seemingly remote as multinational corporations, the United Nations, military forces, religions, education, law and justice systems, and information outlets around the globe.”
  • How our star brothers and sisters have been helping us even if they cannot land their ships yet and walk among us.
  • How the galactics among us are working, the description of which I’ll reproduce below.

I’d like to repeat here his key-point summary of how our star brothers and sisters have been helping us, even if they haven’t been able to disembark from their ships. Matthew says:

While passengers and crews have been waiting to land and work with you on site, all along they have been helping from the skies. Foremost is preventing more than a dozen attempts by the Illuminati to use nuclear warheads in terrorist acts that would have caused more deaths and destruction than “9/11”.

  • Radioactive releases from Japan’s damaged nuclear facility would have killed or sickened millions if the crews had not dramatically reduced the lethal levels.
  • No marine life within miles of the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico would have survived if the crews had not kept clearing away the gushing oil’s toxic components.
  • They have also been reducing the toxicity in weaponry, industrial waste, stored nuclear waste, chemtrails, and other pollutants in inland and ocean waters.
  • Crews far and near disintegrate or deflect the course of celestial bodies and manmade debris in space that could cause serious damage if they hit the planet.
  • By laying an electromagnetic grid above Earth, they reduce the effects of earthquakes insofar as death toll and destruction, yet permit the same amount of negativity release.
  • They steer severe storms away from land unless the target areas need the cleansing and purifying that water imparts. (2)

And I’d also like to repeat Matthew’s description of the work of some of the Earth allies because, until now, it’s been necessary not to describe it in very much detail. But now, apparently, it can be revealed.  This isn’t the work of terrestrial Earth allies, whom I’d think it not yet prudent to name. Matthew only describes the work of Starseed and Walk-in Earth allies.

From the first moment of intensive light-beaming, many years ago, civilizations that the majority on Earth don’t know even exist have been helping Earth and you in numerous vital ways. Thus clearly their assistance is not dependent upon “Disclosure”, your governments’ public acknowledgement of extraterrestrial presence.

In accordance with universal laws and as part of the Golden Age master plan – prior to birth, everyone in your world knew the plan’s details and clamored to participate – all of our universal family who have been helping you are way-showers, not over-takers.

Many thousands are living right there with you, working alongside you. They have adapted an appearance that looks no different from you, and their superior intelligence and highly developed skills have given them entry into fields where darkness held sway.

Some work quietly researching and documenting the truth that the darkness has kept hidden from you, and others – you call them whistleblowers – tell the truth to the world.

Others are initiating or influencing reforms in such diverse areas as governing, economic and legal systems, energy, transportation, healthcare, sports, education, mining, logging, agriculture, computer technology, species preservation, the media, scientific research and metallurgy.

A few are in the entertainment field, and even though you regard them as such, their feats that amaze you stir thoughts about what underlies their extraordinary abilities. They exemplify what you, too, can do when you expand spiritual and conscious awareness.

Many brothers and sisters came from other worlds to befriend, enlighten, guide and inspire the individuals who share with them the same ancestry civilizations.

The protection of invisibility by “cloaking” or an impenetrable shield of Christed Light is given to people whose lives are at risk at the hands of Illuminati henchmen.

None of the highly publicized “feared” pandemics occurred because family members working in your laboratories neutralized the toxins in vaccines that were designed to cause illness and death. (3)

Well, of course, you and I are some of these, are we not?

We’ve passed the re-election of President Obama.  We can expect the major events to begin soon. But already Matthew is beginning to reveal matters that until now have been secret or only touched upon in passing.

His message this month is the most extensive pulling back of the curtain that I can recall seeing. Yes, he’s explained matters before, and sometimes at  length, but he’s never done such things as revealing where the galactics who’ve taken birth on Gaia are working and what they’ve done.  And he’s never reviewed the total picture in one message in such depth. This message for me is definitely a keeper.


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