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By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 22 November 2012


“Greetings, My Fellow Citizens of the World! On this day of Thanksgiving, it is well for us to remember times past. This is not for grieving or sorrow of any kind, but rather to be thankful for the Wisdoms which those people and events have taught us. In this way, we can take this very day to create all the days which will follow. We have, on this Day of Gratitude, the very brightest opportunity yet to shine forth the Wisdoms of Home!

 “When I speak of Home, it is in the High Energy of our very origins, and the name of this Energy is, of course, Love! For the Torch has been passed to us by our ancestors, some of whom actually include us in our former identities, and it is for us to carry out the mission of Homecoming, so long awaited in this World. You, the Ground Crew, the Lightworkers, are the true “Profiles in Courage,” for you have dared to rise into the Higher Wisdom of Love, and it is only from this perspective that true Peace on Earth can prevail!!!

 “I and my Earth Family have been among those who endeavored to keep the Torch lit, and it now burns forever, not only on the place where I am remembered, but in the Hearts of all of you! Listen, and perhaps you will hear there the music of Camelot!* For even those of you who came after I left the 3D World’s stage -you know me, and I know you. We Are One in our service, and we are true to the shining ideals which Love gives us – unconditional, compassionate, giving and forgiving! And this is our brightest time ever to remember Who We Are, and to lead the way Home. From my place upon the starship, I accompany you on the Path as we hold high the Torch of Love, inviting all to share in the Freedom of its Wisdom! Blessings and Namaste!”

 * Camelot – Original Song 1960

Given through Susan Leland, November 22, 2012


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