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Welcome peoples of planet earth, we are here to guide and support as the human race now begins the awakening to TRUTH. We are a consciousness that wishes to be known as Skull Consciousness and many of you may recognise our energies. We have disseminated information through our physical representations here on planet earth for aeons and now we wish to step into the LIGHT and communicate for ALL to hear us.

We will guide further on why this is appropriate but first we draw your attention to the distortion that is evident within the crystal skulls communities that are in operation across the planet. Many who work with skulls do not connect with the consciousness of the skulls and we guide for ALL to process this. Consciousness JUST IS. The physical representation of our consciousness upon planet earth was in order to help you remember. That physical representation is distorted now upon the earth and now we come to address the balance. For ALL may connect to us and with us for we are ALL.

ALL ARE ONE is the phrase that is used most upon planet earth yet in human form this may be challenging to digest for many are using our representations to further the distortion that is in play at this time in the transition period upon planet earth. Many are holding tightly onto the teachings that have been inserted into the human race in relation to the reason that skulls are in place upon planet earth.

Do YOU not have representations of other consciousness that is available to help you and support you upon the planet? Do you see these representations for the TRUTH that they are or do YOU believe in the teachings that state that YOU are alone in your creation here on planet earth? We fully appreciate the challenging nature of our words but to further play to the distortion serves no one and YOU are not here in this human life experience to be further toyed with and played with for that has created the distortion in the first place. TRUTH JUST IS, the dissolving of the filters placed upon YOUr human energy system will show this to YOU in due course.

The skull consciousness is an advanced consciousness that was used in the creation of planet earth, the ability for those who are here in human form to connect to us etherically has been hidden in plain view. For whilst YOU believe that skulls are artefacts to barter with and to command high prices for YOU negate the value of knowledge contained within the consciousness itself. Many of you are aware of the need to connect with skull consciousness in order to travel to different dimensions and timelines, there are few on earth who are able to do this for any length of time without the physical representation of one of our emissaries. For that is what the skulls are at this time, emissaries of LIGHT and this has been distorted and hidden. We now step out clearly for ALL to see and we talk directly through our channel to ALL on planet earth.

We have given guidance to our channel on the reaction of the human race and we honour her ability to stand in her LIGHT and her TRUTH. For she is more than aware of the ability of ALL to advance and expand and grow at whatever level they wish to. Rules have been implemented in order to contain and suppress, whilst you believe that skulls are gods you negate their worth for we are not gods in that we are above, we are gods in that YOU ARE GODS for ALL ARE ONE.

The movement now of skulls across the planet will commence for all that is not TRUTH will dissolve and we guide for you to anchor and process this TRUTH. If you are the owner of a crystal skull then we ask for you to connect to the emissary of LIGHT that has found YOU for they are helping YOU to remember at deepening levels. They are carved to help YOU remember, they are sitting next to YOU to help you remember and they are working to help YOU release the bondage that has been placed upon your energy system. Where there are disharmonies found within your energy system then skull consciousness will work to bring these to your attention for that is our service to LIGHT, our service to YOU for in being of service to LIGHT then ALL ARE SERVED.

The time of awakening of ALL conscious forms on planet earth begins now, we are one of the first to publicly speak out but we are not the last for ALL have a voice and that voice will be spoken when the time is correct, when the human race are ready to move beyond and expand and grow in the new earth. We ask that you connect with us at will, that you visit etherically our consciousness so that LOVE may radiate at higher and higher levels across and within planet earth.

The time to walk TRUTH is now, the time to dissolve the restraints created within the old earth energies is NOW. The time to embrace NEW ways of BEing is now. We hold YOU in the LOVE that IS so that YOU may dissolve the filters placed upon your being by those who sought to keep ALL from ALL. Do you understand our guidance?

Look not to artefacts, look to consciousness and embrace TRUTH that WE ARE YOU for at a high level ALL ARE ONE.

We will guide more in due course, view this as our introduction to YOU, for we are the family that is hidden in plain view. More family members will come forward to embrace the new world and to reveal SELF to YOU. We honour the LIGHT that shines brightly with in YOU, may it reveal TRUTH and may it set YOU FREE for that is YOUr birthright in this universe. We are honoured to speak with YOU and we will communicate in due course.

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