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Written by David Wilcock Thursday, 22 November 2012 16:30

Shortly after the Project Camelot trailer suddenly aired on TruTV, we discovered that National Geographic heavily featured David in a show called The Truth Behind: Atlantis Hunters. It airs tomorrow (Friday) night, 11/23… at (gulp) 4AM Eastern time.

[UPDATE, SAME NIGHT: This show was blatant, in-your-face disinformation — reducing the entire Atlantis scenario, and a wealth of provable data I gave in that interview, to two miniscule pieces of data which were then attacked and “debunked.”
The people who knowingly participate in whitewashes like this should be well advised. There will come a time where knowingly lying to the public about such critically important matters will be punishable as a criminal offense.]

Conventional reality is getting a major reality check. Disclosure is happening now. Great secrets have been held from us. I want to see the truth get out there — and have done my very best to move the ball forward.
My old college dorm buddy from New Paltz, NY left me a message a few weeks ago and congratulated me, saying he saw me on National Geographic… and said that I “did really well.”
At the time, I thought he must have been referring to one of the seven Ancient Aliens episodes I was featured in. These still air all the time, and between this and my other videos, there’s a good chance that I get recognized these days when I go out in public.
I was somewhat surprised to hear that they were now airing these Ancient Aliens episodes on other networks.

Finally he and I spoke on the phone a couple nights ago — while I was recovering from a nasty winter flu virus.
The worst hell I went through was this past weekend. This bug really flattened me out — but I’m well on my way back now after less than a week.
I asked him about “the National Geographic thing” and he said he had seen it back as early as April. It was a special on Atlantis!
This is when I got really interested. I had indeed been filmed by National Geographic for an Atlantis special over two years ago — but as far as I knew, they never used the footage.
This filming occurred in close proximity to when I had been interviewed for Ancient Aliens, but before any of those episodes actually aired.

The episode I thought I was filmed for was “Finding Atlantis,” which came out in May, 2011.
National Geographic flew me out to a seaside university building in Florida and we did a full-day shoot, where I focused in very specifically on the subject of Plato’s account of Atlantis.
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