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Heavenletter #4376 Love Has Its Debut

Posted by Eternity at Love and Light Portal
God said:

I whisper to you in the night, and you hear Me not. Or, if you hear Me, you believe it not. I whisper sweet everythings to you. I pronounce My love for you in infinite ways, and, yet, you feel unloved, alone in an island called the Earth. An island, an is land, a land where you be, a land in outer space, a land far away from the Truth of Yourself, your Self.



Aisha North ~ The manuscript of survival – part 225 ~

Posted by Eternity at Love and Light Portal

As the Earth turns on her axis, the tides come and go, regulated by a mechanism that is as yet not completely understood by humans. You see the movements of the waters on your planet, but you do not see the same thing happening within. Let us explain.

You are inhabiting a very complex structure dear ones, and it is mostly composed of the selfsame liquid component you see around you, namely water. This will come as no surprise, but what may come as a surprise, is the role this water have, not only within you, but also in your surroundings. You tend to look upon it as a necessary liquid, and without it, your Earth would be a scorched and desolate place, devoid of life. Well, that is the role of water indeed, as all life on you planet is relying on this in some form or the other. Hence, the quest to find this precious liquid on other planets as well, as this would give a significant meaning in the search for extra terrestrial life. And the water is a life giving force indeed, but not only in the regulation of your metabolism. It is also a very important source of information, and this is what we wanted to share with you today. You see, the molecules comprising this liquid you refer to as water are so much more than a combination of different chemical elements. It is also a dispenser of information, and this information literally permeates the whole complex structure that comprises not only your body, but your whole planet. And as you may know so well by now, water is indeed an element that is constantly on the move. It moves through your body in the form of liquid or as a gas through your respiratory organs, and it moves through you and out again via your digestive track, your lungs and indeed your skin. And the same goes for your planet. She is indeed breathing it in and out every day, and she is also being inundated by these waters both from above and below, in the form of rainshowers, rivers and underground reservoirs. So water is inside and outside you, in many forms, whether it be in the form of a liquid, gas or even frozen solid as ice.


Karen Doonan ~ Skull Consciousness message for 20th november 2012 ~

Welcome peoples of planet earth, we are here to guide and support as the human race now begins the awakening to TRUTH. We are a consciousness that wishes to be known as Skull Consciousness and many of you may recognise our energies. We have disseminated information through our physical representations here on planet earth for aeons and now we wish to step into the LIGHT and communicate for ALL to hear us.

We will guide further on why this is appropriate but first we draw your attention to the distortion that is evident within the crystal skulls communities that are in operation across the planet. Many who work with skulls do not connect with the consciousness of the skulls and we guide for ALL to process this. Consciousness JUST IS. The physical representation of our consciousness upon planet earth was in order to help you remember. That physical representation is distorted now upon the earth and now we come to address the balance. For ALL may connect to us and with us for we are ALL.


Karen Doonan ~ High Council of Orion message for 20th November 2012 ~

Greetings dear ones, we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to support you as you now move through the initial vibrations of the new earth and come back into balance and wholeness. The balance is vital for at any moment you are able to move back out of balance as the teachings that reside deep within your energy system move to your conscious mind. We guide strongly for you to accept that you are now in a process and that this process is ongoing.

It is imperative that you are able to discern between the old energies and the new earth energies, that you are also able to see those who are deeply held in the old energetic patterns of the earth and understand their ability to try to pull you back into those energies. We guide for you to understand that none of this is done from a conscious frame of mind for the patterns are too strong for them to detach from. KNOW that as you work to release the old then you are in effect bringing those around you higher in vibration.



Our lovely Ones, how marvellous it is to again have the opportunity to communicate with you in these most wonderful times! Are you also feeling this intense Love? What staggering shifts have come to pass during this eclipse of the sun, shifts of a most unusual nature, wouldn’t you agree?

Up until now, these past days between the portal of 11:11 and the solar eclipse on 13:11 have been the most important days by far for all of you. Many of you have experienced personal and collective processes, others not yet. However, for those who haven’t felt a thing in those days, we can reassure you by stating that each of you has his/her own time and portal to make the shift. Every heart is tuned differently and will be activated in these times on its own most appropriate energy. So there’s no need to worry, this month grants you an incredible amount of chances and energies to allow you to make the shift “to the bone”, so to speak.


Lisa Renee ~ The Heart Brain-Complex ~

Dear Ascending Family,

The heart-brain complex is an intelligence structure that best can be defined as the original and organic design and function of the collective human soul/oversoul matrix and its cellular memory interface with the planetary grid consciousness network. As a part of the mechanics of the energy structure of the many fields of consciousness, (the morphogenetic field layers that control time and space), the heart-brain complex is a consciousness structure and architecture that has been largely dormant within the planetary body fields. It has remained dormant primarily from the genetic manipulation of the negative alien agenda and their inorganic enslavement architecture on the planet. This heart-brain complex is a part of the planetary nervous system (grid network) and the nerve cell(s) of the planetary body that directly message into and through the individual human body.


Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa, November 23, 2012

SaLuSa, November 23, 2012

To launch world peace all warring has to stop, and if necessary we have the means to ensure that it does. There is absolutely no place for such low vibrations in the New Age. It is in fact somewhat easier to achieve success now, as the rising levels of consciousness are resulting in more souls rejecting anything to do with war. Even some of those hardened veterans are ready to change track and see the virtues of working for peace. They are beginning to see that their calling to protect their homeland, has been insidiously used for ulterior motives. When such people start to awaken to the truth, you know that the Illuminati is rapidly losing its power and control over the armed forces. They are indeed a spent force to what they were, and will not be allowed back.


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