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I would like you to imagine and feel a landscape that has been brutalized with the energies of war and oppression for far too long. This is not meant to lower your vibrations, dear friends, but to rekindle awareness that such things are still going on in parts of the world that have been deeply-rooted in conflict. These lands were all once heavenly, mystical and serene but the actions of man have brought war to the forefront of the collective consciousness, as it was intended to be by the malevolent forces.

I do not wish to paint a bleak or desolate visualization but simply bring forth awareness that this is happening; again, not to bring our vibrations down but to get us to actively utilize our natural powers to anchor peace and Light onto this world. Many of us have come here for this very reason and there are areas of this world that need our Lighted energies quite strongly at this time.

I wondered why I’ve felt like I was in a fog these past few days and I’ve noticed this in fellow awakening Lightworkers as well. The extremes of duality have been kicked up another notch and we are being further tested to see if we can handle all that is occurring at this time that is serving to bring our awareness fully toward the aspects of our collective consciousness still rooted in density and hate.

So much of the world is awakening and while us Lightworkers may be seen as the minority of the overall Earth collective, we have come here with powers so pure that if we utilize these powers together as individuals and as a collective, we will bring peace to this world and the entire Earth collective will benefit from it.

I’ve felt in a bit of a haze for the past few days and I think that plenty of others can relate to this feeling, and while the energies of war and darkness will continue to try and convince us that they are the dominant energies, we simply know better. But we have to remember the powers that we hold within and in the face of darkness, we have to shine our Light greater than ever before.

If you are still holding the focus of the landscape I asked you to visualize earlier, I would like to take you on a bit of an astral journey within this landscape. As you see and feel the war and brutality around you, bring forth within this land a beautiful Light making itself known in the sky of this area. It doesn’t have to be the light of a starship, but simply imagine Light making itself known and beginning to descend down.

As this Lighted energy descends down unto this landscape, the conflicts, war and brutality seem to begin to fade away. The separation and hate that was prevalent and all around only a moment ago seem to have faded from the souls who were feeding it and rather than fighting with one another, the souls of this landscape begin to come together and find and see the inherent peace and unity that they have always been able to access.

Hold the focus of this moment for as long as you feel you possibly can. Feel and anchor the peace unto these landscapes as you watch peace ignite within the minds and hearts of all around you. While the fogginess of darkness may be attempting to cloud our minds and hearts with the very density we’re all ready to get away from, we can transmute the fog and turn it into the beautiful Lighted energies of peace, calm and unity that we all wish to feel and know again.

Visualization is an important tool, dear friends, and it is equally important for us to remember when the going gets tough, personally or on the world stage, that we are here to put an end to all of the suffering, hardship, hate and destruction. Those are all old and illusory concepts and will not be allowed within the vicinity of our collective consciousness any longer. Affirm this and truly know this within yourselves, for you are Creating your reality and the reality of all of us by doing so.

Remember to shine your Light, dear friends. In these times of turmoil, it is the absolute best thing we can do. Remember that the turmoil is a temporary manifestation and exposure of the energies of darkness and war that have been latent [and not so latent] within the collective consciousness of this world for centuries.

We are the Light, and our very presence is seeing that the energies of harmony anchor themselves unto this planet. It can be no other way!

Wes Annac – Delivering another reminder that you are the Light



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