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Posted by Steve Beckow

I’d like to say a few words about the nature of the Divine Mother (1) and contrast “Her” (she is not a “she”; Father and Mother God do not have gender) with some of the figures often represented as being “gods” in various religions.

I’d like to do that because I hope to have her on An Hour with an Angel again in perhaps two weeks time (if my colleagues agree) and I’d like people to know ahead of time who it is we’re listening to.

Again I don’t say this as someone pretending to be a spiritual teacher. I’m not a spiritual teacher. I have no right to consider myself one. I’m simply a person who very much enjoys studying these matters and has opinions on them.

The entities called the Holy Father and the Divine Mother are the same one God playing different roles and featuring different aspects of the One.  When God abides in “his” (he is not a “he”) native Being, he is transcendental, formless, still and silent. Having created the world of form, when he enters the world of form and engages in creation, preservation and transformation, he is phenomenal, form-ful, active and sonic.

The word “phenomenon” is a synonym for “thing” and so the world of things is called the phenomenal world and the Mother is also called the “Phenomenal” versus the Father as the “Transcendental.” He transcends the phenomenal world or world of things. He is not objective and no objects exist within his native Being; he is the one subject, the only subject, the one actor who plays all parts in the temporary dreamworld in which life exists.

The ancients made the distinction of naming God in form the Mother. Lao Tzu affords an example:

Nameless indeed is the source of creation
But things have a mother and she has a name. (2)

The source of creation is God in its aspect of the Father; the actual creator – Procreatrix – is God in its aspect of the Mother. This device was used simply to provide a way of speaking about God and its creation of the world and life.

We’ve discussed many times that God created the world so that forms could be created who would set about the task of realizing their true identity. Whenever a life form realizes who it is – at essence, in its original nature, in a moment of enlightenment – God meets God. And for that meeting was all of life created.

Everything within the created world was created by the Mother and that includes angels and archangels, gods and fairies, elementals and elohim, all universes, all dimensions, everything that can be considered a thing.

Everything within the created world is “material,” from the Third Dimension to the Kingdom of the Seraphim. It’s simply that matter (mater, Mother) is more and more refined. The only thing not material is the Father, which is not a thing at all.

So when the Mother appears to us on InLight Radio, we’re not simply hearing from one god among many gods. Many people think of Krishna as a god, or Rama, or Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Many may also think of them in ways different to being “gods,” such as as avatars or Brahman incarnate, etc. Some go further and think of the Mother as one more god among gods.

When the Mother speaks to us on InLight radio, they might think of her as one more personality beside Sanat Kumara or even Archangel Michael, whom I serve (as well as the Mother).

But she is not. She is the source of all form. The only thing she is not the source of in the world of form is the Light that we call the soul, the Christ, the Atman, the Self. That’s a direct fragment of the Father, which the Mother houses in a “temple of seven pillars,” a body with seven chakras. And the only thing she’s not the source of more generally is the Light we call the Father, in the transcendental realm.

Why I’m saying this is to set up our listening when the Mother does appear before us. That’s a very sacred event, not at all to be taken lightly. Linda before she channels the Mother must rest and meditate for hours. I, when I interview the Mother, am often blissed out for hours afterwards. We’re not talking to a lesser god, if you will.  We’re talking to the Prime Force in the universe.

Her form is consciousness itself but she manifests often as the universal creative vibration known as Aum/Amen, the primal energy called by Hindus Shakti, the spirit that moves upon the waters called by Christians the Holy Spirit  She can be heard as a ringing in the ears. She calls all matter into being, holds it in place for a while, and then returns it to nothingness in time.

Nothing in her domain is permanent save the Light that is the Christ or Atman. Her role is to educate the Child of God or Self and raise it to knowledge of the Father, the Supreme Self.  So that’s what I wanted to say to allow us, if you will, to appreciate who it is we’re listening to when the Divine Mother graces us with her presence.


(1) For more on the Divine Mother, see:

(2)  Lao Tzu, The Way of Life. The Tao Te Ching. trans. R.B. Blakney. New York, etc.: Avon, 1975, 53.

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