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Dear readers,

I have tried very hard to channel a message for you this morning, but I have been unable to get my own personal thoughts out of the way.  I am too disturbed by the conflict which is raging once again in the “Promised Land”.  It can hardly even be called a conflict anymore it is so out of balance.

I wish to ask all of the light holders whom this blog reaches to join me in covering the entire land from Egypt to Afghanistan with the light of love and compassion.  Let us refrain  from judgment and simply send unconditional love.

For thousands of years we have prayed for this madness to end.  Now we have the advantage of a world-wide, growing consciousness.  Let us use it now to engulf that land and those peoples in all the love we can muster.  Please join me.

I will try again tomorrow to bring Michael through for you.

In love,


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