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I found this post on Facebook. There has been a lot of different energies coming and going lately, which has affected many people in different ways. How many of these are YOU experiencing?

Some things I’m noticing with these recent flux of energies are:

*Major ups or downs in energy

*Having no appetite at all, or a major craving for chocolate

*The need to get into creative mode or to at the very least listen to new or fun music or watch something interesting (or read something interesting) – wearing new clothes, doing your hair differently … etc a lot of NEWNESS and CREATIVITY

*Major sexual energies that are helping us balance our feminine/masculine energies and attracting more love, romance and even just normal friendships into our lives

*Soul Mates from Past Lives meeting up but not necessarily getting together in this life – it’s like “Hey yeah, we were together in a recent past life, cool, I still feel some attraction to you, yeah but lets just be friends.”

*Leaping into the UNKNOWN – totally NEW and EXCITING things occuring in unexpected ways

*Quick manifestations – or some people going totally broke which actually helps them get on a different, and better, track. Some break-ups are also doing the same thing

*LOTS of “paranormal” activity – angel feathers, seeing angels or other spirits, hearing the spirit world

*Seeing Angelic Number Sequences like 11:11 far more often – it’s almost hysterical how often we see them now

*People getting colds and flu’s – major releasing of old world energies!

*Headache, sinus pain, weird body aches – typical ascension type symptoms

*Having a harder time than usual doing WORK work – like the 9-5 just seems totally crazy!!! Feeling appalled and disgusted with the monetary system and with world governments.

Their is a lot more going on too!!! Not to mention all the Earth Shifting happening too ……. quakes, big storms, etc.

The Angels are saying stay TUNED IN to what’s going on – and to messages from Mother Earth and the Sun right now. Don’t close your eyes or look away – see clearly. Be Open. Be Awake. Walk into the Unknown. Have No Fear. Love Deeply. Have Fun. Enjoy LIFE !

I am sending you all LOVE and LIGHT!!!



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  1. so much of this applies to me.. i had chills when i read about the soulmates from past lives appearing.. all of it. whoa. Thank you

  2. Atlantis! 🙂

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