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Goldenlight: Can you tell me more about my art, abundance, and harmonizing with the new frequencies? I’m also not clear on how the 3D world just disappears……all things in our “world” like banks, stores, schools, people driving cars, etc…….I dont understand how we are going to transition out of that reality. Can you explain this?

You have a beautiful curious mind and we are happy to elaborate. Your art will be the pouring forth of the divine spark within you and of you a manifestation of the divine carrying people from the 3D to the 4D to the 5D helping all with transition as there will be codes embedded in your “lightwork” so that people who are viewing it even on the internet before buying it will have more of their higher spiritual essences activated upon viewing of these beautiful light images this is why its so important to build your art studio and to create these works of light these messages from the angelic realms from the divine angelic realms where all is light and peace and harmony these codes will activate those parts of angelic humans who are on earth those parts that are connected with our realms and this reconnection via these beauitufl codes in your lightwork will assist these human angelic beings in their spiritual upliftment and harmonizing with the new frequences for remember what is being overused as a term “ascension”

We like to refer to as the harmonizing with the new energies…ascension implies that it will require great effort and struggle to aspire to or to reach a higher level when the truth and reality is that these new energies will be here whether we want it or not whether we wish it or not whether we are able to harmonize with it or not…..all those of good inner light and intentions will be able to easily harmonize with these energies…….as they will lift the spirit naturally and people will naturally embrace these loving energies of light….only those of malicious intent towards the earth, other creatures and beings, and who are here for their own power, greed, corruption and misuse and abuse of the earth, its people, its creatures, and its resources, –only those (which are termed the “cabal” or the “illuminati” in internet circles) – will not be able to harmonize with these higher dimensional frequencies because they do not match the inner light or intentions of these beings. It is very simple actually and really not as complex as many are making it out to be. So the transition and the harmonizing to these new frequencies will be effortless and a joy for all those described in the first category.

And those not ascending do they die or where do they go?

They shift to another dimension .. Its like when you go to sleep the room doesnt disappear but you travel in the 4th dimension thats why you can talk to your family that has crossed over..

But to clear up the confusion those ascending stay with earth and ascend with earth as she ascends..

The others – and your 3D world – will simply slowly and miraculously and effortlessly be erased from your reality gradually and your 3D world will transform into the new earth that everyone is envisioning and describing and co-creating – a simplistic visualization would be the etch a sketch – where the old world is drawn on the screen, we are shaking the screen gently and drawing the new world……the golden energy ball (torus) is going to be so very important – combined with the hedron of sacred geometry described by archangel metatron – will be the light “vehicle” or construct for the awakening of all your abilities – telepathy – healing – teletransportation – manifestation – visiting other realities and other dimensions – becoming galactic citizens once again and galactic travelers – changing your lightbody’s physical form – and more.

Goldenlight: Hmmmm wow…If my landlords dont ascend who will I be paying rent to?

You wont you will own your half of the house by eminent domain…a deed will be drawn up with your name as the owner of your half of the duplex.

Goldenlight: Ohhhhh this is part of “all your needs will be taken care of”

Yes and there will be free energy
And the banks will be different
And the stores
Everything will be different
And new
The new earth
The golden age upon the earth

Wow! I will tune in with you before creating all artwork – I am so happy to carry forth this mission and these codes to assist all – thank you so much for this gift and for urging me to create this art studio – I am so excited to begin!  I pledge to always use this gift for the highest spiritual purposes.

Thank you Angelic Council of Light.

– GoldenLight ☼


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