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Greetings Everybody. I had some questions emailed to me and Mother Sekhmet asked me to allow her to reply. It is impossible to explain Earth Ascension without reviewing the motives of the few wishing to control the many. I know this will inflame some. The reason is everyone is on a different point in their Awakening process and some become incensed when they feel something does not resonate with their level of life experience. The TRUTH is there is a lot of ignorance and stupidity out there. The High Beings sharing the messages have an understanding of the full Akashic record or every deed and word spoken in all Earth history. At times they share information with us that is more knowledge than we have come to understand in our limited views within the matrix. I urge suspending all disbelief and allow the information to intrigue and possibly heal. It is not easy to write about such polarizing TRUTHs but I know it helps with healing and I humbly do so for that purpose.  A reader sent in the following questions which many of you have garnered from websites designed to keep lightworkers in fear and by doing so disconnects readers from their Inner Life and the gift of discernment – to KNOW by KNOWING and no longer need to ask others. In this space – as we heal from the lies – the complete enslavement – when we KNOW the Golden Age within our own HEARTS it is birthed from the Realm of Cause into the Physical Realm through Collective Consciousness making it so. No DEADLINES have been missed – IT IS ALL OF US LOVING TOGETHER who determine the date. The Galactics stand by waiting for us to cue them we are finally ready! Please look for my messages at http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/messages/ as I phase out posting other places. Please email me if you have questions or would like to be on my list eltrutwin@gmail.com much love, ~Beth

What STILL Needs to be done? Questions Answered A Message From Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 18, 2012 

Greetings Children of Ra. This is Mother Sekhmet. What MORE needs to be done?

The Great Warriors of Light on Earth, including you – courageously continue the good fight. Too many have been fighting so long they have fallen prey to ego ʻstucknessʻ. Recall the requirement to have a complete connection to your True Self, to be brave in your commitment to the Light and not let anything, especially not your ego mind, stop you. Be brave, strong, determined and willing to speak out your beliefs to others and let them know these beliefs have helped you and made you a better person.  Implement the Knowledge as far as you can into your life everyday. Knowledge is your Birthright.

Many are searching to know their Life Mission. It is much more important to understand your Duty rather than your Mission. Each One has their own talents, their own gifts and their own limitations. Reviewing these, it does not take long to know your Duty. You KNOW it. If I ask you – you do not have to think about it – I am first a Mother, a Healer, I help others with their Money, I am a Teacher, I help others enhance their Beauty, I help others own Real Estate, I help others with the Law, I make Music for others to Enjoy – it is my DUTY because I am good at it – it is my vocation – it is the only thing I am REALLY good at – I do it even on the days when I donʻt feel like it – because I see others benefit from my WORK and that is a GREAT FEELING.

Once you know your DUTY then it is your Mission to build wealth for yourself and family first, then you build more wealth to share with others and finally work at sustaining the wealth for yourself and others. Giving a Tithe, a percentage of your income, to the less fortunate will bring you on the fast track of gaining wealth; spiritual wealth and physical comfort.  If One does not recognize their DUTY and make a long term plan for their wealth,  in helping others, then having money just will not come to pass. It will come and it will go – but it cannot be sustained. That is Key. Setting an Intention to help before receiving wealth brings abundance. If One receives a windfall and does not tithe, does not share, does not have a plan – then the money will control the person. That is inevitable. How many people do you know who have cancer? One cannot enjoy their wealth once they have cancer. One way or another unless this ʻstucknessʻ is conquered abundance will fail on some level, family issues, job issues, there will always be a chaos until One pays attention to their DUTY TO HELP OTHERS. Doing this is completely voluntary. This is what is meant by following your joy and living your passion. Others have helped you.  Do what gives you your greatest excitement and makes you happy. Be Excellence. Be an Example. Be Generous. Be Love.

What will happen if you do not do this? You remain in your own self-created ʻstucknessʻ which feels like endless waiting, pain and suffering. You will feel so frustrated as if you could scream. You will be lonely and sad and search any bad source for your news becoming more and more lost. You think one day soon the Dinars will pay out, the Club will pay out, the Hedge Fund will pay out, the Ships will come in. You remain a prisoner and a slave to money.

There have been a great deal of misunderstandings designed to keep you suffering. Let me address questions sent in from dh:

If Obama is so special….why did he have to deceive Americans for the past 4 years in believing he was the President of the USA…while only being a president (with small p) …of a Private Corporation.(the US)

President Obama is a High Being who is Enlightened and he is a Galactic Human with adept abilities and his full memories. He has prepared for one thousand lifetimes to complete this Mission now. President Obama knows Universal Law as well as Maritime Law and Common Law. He knows exactly what he is doing. President Obama can not wipe out the Corporation with the stroke of a pen. It is a large and complex sequence of events which he has been engaged in since he was a Senator. The Plan for his life was in place well before he was born. There has always been a Plan in place and he is masterfully carrying out the Plan. If he were to announce his Plan many would be killed. Millions are helping to carry out the Plan. Millions of Galactic Humans working in all walks of life in all Countries partner with him to carry out the Plan. While at the same time allowing every Soul involved the moment to decide if they will be of the Light or remain in the dark.

Knowing this while Obama is a Constitutional Lawyer? It sure doesn’t show much Love to Americans? Fact is the US hasn’t had a Constitutional Government since 1871 ..Obama knew that!

In 1987 President Obama and Michelle Obama filed their papers exiting from the Corporation. They both know exactly what they are doing. They are not slaves or strawmen and they are not a part of Maritime Law. There are many in their inner circle who know this and they have seen the paperwork. These Ones are the same Americans who have had their farms illegally foreclosed on. None of them have any intension to reveal what they know until the right timing. They know that their ancestors suffered lifetimes of discrimination and see the unfair discrimination poured onto the Obamas. They know they will have their reparations when it is time, only if the issues are dealt with in a sequential flow of events. These Ones have watched their family farms stolen and they have educated their children in Common Law. The date 1871 is false – a misunderstanding. The papers claiming this do not exist. The United States has not been with a Constitution since March 9, 1933.

Why did Obama have to play a Puppet to Rockefeller? 

This may have seemed to be the case, but not true. President Obama has had behind closed door meetings with the most powerful people in the world. I, Mother Sekhmet have been at those meetings as well as St. Germain, Archangel Michael and others as needed. This is a case where he is wearing two hats in an elaborate chess game. He has waged war without one drop of blood being shed. Since his youth he has posed as a student or posed as someone who is handled. That is the illusion he has created within the circles of the dark Ones. In their belief he was their ʻpuppetʻ he has indeed handed them all the rope they need to hang themselves. There is a saying about keeping friends close and enemies closer. How Better? You cannot believe anything that has been reported about this and that is how President Obama wanted it. It is part of the Plan.

Why did Obama have to be in photo shoots with the Queen of England who is a known Reptilian?

President Obama and Michelle wore all black in photo shoots with the Pope and the Queen of England. They also wore all black to the first Election Night celebration on November 4, 2008. Michelleʻs dress had a large blot blood red in the center of the black. These are symbolic funeral clothes and they did this speaking to the thirteen families that the time has come for their ending and nothing can stop the Light from winning. These photo sessions were a Promise of their Demise.

Why did Obama win the Noble Peace price …while still killing hundreds with his drones in Pakistan and  fighting  a war in Afghanistan? He lied when he became president 4 years ago that he would stop any war including the Afghanistan one.Why? Why did he even accept the Noble Peace Price?

President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for reaching out to the Leaders around the world which included those of every major religion. He invited all into a conversation about their role in International Diplomacy. He did this by visiting many foreign countries and his speeches and meetings were torn apart in the media since the beginning. He visited each world leader with the purpose of saying Either you are part of the solution or I will see to it you will no longer hold power. He won the Peace Prize because he laid the Plan for World Peace.

The war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan and the drones in Pakistan are three separate issues. President Bush started both wars and the State Department along with private contractors employed by Blackwater and other entities through the non existent budget at the CIA rule the drones. President Obama is dismantling this disgusting practice by pretending to kill Osama Bin Laden in a raid years after he was dead, taking out the Pentagon by removing the Secretary of Defense and moving him to the CIA and then systematically forcing him to resign. You cannot believe all the dark Ones in media have written about this. He did end the War in Iraq and the troops in Afghanistan will be home on time. This is a large corrupt trillions of dollar organized crime group which he is taking out one drone at a time.

Why did Obama spent over $2 billion on a family vacation to Asia …mainly Indonesia, with a Navy escort of several ships ( more like an Armada) for security reasons? What and why is he fearing for his and his family’s life if he has the backing of the Hierarchy and GF? If it is Fear …Where is the Love as Fear is the opposite to Love?Couldn’t this amount of money be better spent on the poor and hungry?

This lie by Michelle Bachmann was a ploy of the dark. She is bought and sold by the Ones on the Hill determined to block all progress. Ignorance holds on to these false attacks.

Why did he produce a falsified birth certificate? He spent several million dollars on.Why did he have to lie about being born in Hawaii while fact is that he was born in Kenya?
Why did he mention on CNN only last week that he has the right to kill anyone in or outside the US? Is this how a chosen one or a person with Love in his heart speaks?

President Obamaʻs real birth certificate has not been produced for the public.  He was born in Hawaii. President Obama is also an Anubian hybrid from Sirius but you wonʻt see that on the news. The quote from CNN was in relation to the Benghazi attacks. He never said he has a right to kill anyone. He is working to dismantle the Pentagon and CIA and FBI in preparation for Full Galactic Disclosure. Those dark Ones within these organizations profiting from the Secret Space Program and holding all on the Earth in darkness refuse to work together for Disclosure. The Benghazi attacks were an inside job by the dark Ones inside the CIA. This is why General Petraeus is saying it was terrorist attacks because he is covering for his dark cronies. President Obama forced him to resign thereby removing the power grid within the Pentagon and CIA. We are very close to Disclosure and you are watching him work the Plan masterfully. Those in the media hope to hold you in your ignorance. There is a vast amount of information which will come out and all will be understood. Without the whole story the truth cannot possibly be discerned.

It has been a proven fact that Sandy the Monster Storm was the works of HAARP.

HAARP has been completely dismantled by Ashtar long before the Norway spiral in 2009. Bloggers like Fulford and Wilcox have been paid to perpetuate this false flag of fear. Some of their research is true and so they were obvious shills to mix a lie in with some truth making it all appear true. Others participated as well. Super Storm Sandy was Created by Nature – this was Godʻs Call and it was to clear out the dross created by those living on Earth who destroy Her with pollution. This is Mother Natureʻs revenge for the areasʻ oil fracking, nuclear energy plants leaking radioactive waste, dumping garbage polluting the Ocean, the use of gas guzzling vehicles causing smog, over population and dozens of other abuses. It is time to take responsibility for humankindʻs misdeeds to Mother Earth and not share the blame with something that no longer exists.

Why did Obama let the dark ones initiate this storm that did untold damage and put Americans at great risk and inconvenience?…Fact is that the only one who can give the ok to produce a storm with the help of HAARP…IS THE PRESIDENT! So why did he give the ok?

The HAARP stories are old false flags.  The Ones destroying Earth with pollution have invoked a cleansing by Mother Earth. Those with property loss from the storm are being challenged as others around the world are with other storms, tornados and earthquakes alike.

He stated initially that he was a Christian but later told us he is Muslim..Why?

President Obama has never said he was Muslim. There are plenty of videos out there claiming he did but none has ever shown this because it never happened.

Why hasn’t he stopped the killing in Gaza? Not even now as so many innocent civilians are being killed?

Netanyahu, Merkel and Hillary Clinton are running the war  between Israel and Hamas. As the attacks continue the Palestinians and Israelis are forced to face their way of life protecting the StarGates in the Golan Heights and Jerusalem. Merkel is up for re election in January and she is the daughter of Hitler and Eva Braun. This is her last chance to make things right and the Factions are warring amongst themselves. President Obama is working the Plan to allow this to work out. Allowing these dark Ones to show their true colors is what will bring an end to all war. There have been millions killed in Afghanistan and only around 100 killed in Gaza. A bigger question is Why Is The World Allowing The Killing In Gaza? President Obama is allowing this larger truth to come out now. It goes back to Adolf Hitler with the bankers and the Bushes attempting to control the World. These larger truths will birth Disclosure.

Why did he approve ( thru NATO) of attacking Libya …it had done nothing to the US or any other country?

Millions of people voted for a No-Fly Zone in Libya misunderstanding that it did not guarantee safety for Civilians but guaranteed Misrata would be leveled. The International Community including the United Nations approved the Libya Attacks. The United Nations is controlled by the Pope. President Obama was working to have Gaddafi stop attacking Benghazi. He agreed to work as a part of an International Coalition. The politics in Benghazi in Libya linked with Israel and Iran are not yet understood by the public but the truths will be realized and understood. You cannot believe what the media spoon feeds the slaves to keep them enslaved in emotional turmoil.

People were happy with Gaddafi as he had so many benefits for them including Free Medical ?

Gaddafi tortured, raped, murdered and ordered his men to do so as well. He waged brutal attacks on his own people. He used brute force and sponsored terrorism.

So now he has been re-elected…WHAT IS STOPPING HIM FOR NESARA TO BE ANNOUNCED AND IMPLEMENTED..It canʻt be the stealing of the Funds…as we now have Full Transparency in Banks thru. BASEL 1,2 and 3 ?

NESARA makes reparations in many different areas including abolishing the United States Federal Bank and the Internal Revenue Service. It also brings free energy to all and is simultaneous with Full Galactic Disclosure. As you see the Lockheed Martin CEO and the CIA head resigning on the same day, the General who lead the Bushes fake war and was Secretary of Defense, you can be certain you are watching the Disclosure Plan being put into its final arrangements. As you see free energy sources being funded and going into production as well as the Keshe Foundation and others sharing extraterrestrial technologies with governments and individuals you are watching President Obamaʻs Plan being finalized. Be in Peace. All is in Divine Order.


These have been made by the dark Ones in an attempt that the few may control the many.

So many of us are looking forward for NESARA to be announced ..so we can learn about the real TRUTH at last!

Indeed. When you know the truth you will no longer need to perpetuate that what has been holding you enslaved.

The Law states in order to be greater, to have more knowledge, to achieve Wisdom —  One must give up old beliefs. Evolution is a constant giving up. You keep updating your profile. There is a renewal. The human mind can never achieve Enlightenment if it holds to false flags of fear. One must make an effort to know the truth, not lie back to be spoon fed with a cover story. One must let go of what is holding them back.  Will you stay stuck your whole life in conditioning from the media? Will you get ready for Disclosure? Are you ready to hear the Truth? The TRUTH EMBARGO is a COLLECTIVE CRISIS involving the entire world. When these few leaders claiming to represent the people are uncovered they are headed for jail or even a death sentence. They are doing everything in their power to keep you hating President Obama who will ultimately indict each last One. Wake Up!!!

What STILL Needs to be done? My Brave Light Warriors, the Galactics stand by for when you make your Self ready for Disclosure. The timing is up to you. Birth the Golden Age first in your heart. Only then will it spring forth from the Realm of Cause into the Physical Realm. Prosperity Funds are not the answer to your problems. The answer is to give from your heart to others in need and raise your light quotient and your love quotient by doing so. Ungrip from your fears. Gravitate to JOY. Discipline Your Mind. Forgive Yourself. Be Love. This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 18, 2012. © All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/messages/

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