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Posted by Steve Beckow

How often have people said to me lately that they want to pay more attention to Ascension than they do but this-or-that aspect of their spiritual practice prevents them.  Or that they love the Divine Mother (or Jesus or Krishna) but they aren’t attracted to the subject of Ascension, etc.

As I’ve said many times, I’m not a spiritual guide or teacher. I lack the qualifications to be so. But I do have opinions. So let me state my opinion on lightholding and Ascension.

If you’re genuinely a lightholder, if you love the Divine Mother or Jesus or Krishna, what need is there for you to feel you need to be somewhere else than being a lightholder or a lover of the Divine?

Sri Ramakrishna used to point out that it takes many, many lifetimes of spiritual practice before one reaches the point of having love for the Divine. Is it therefore such a small thing to experience love for the Divine? No, I think it a very large and wonderful thing.

If you’re immersed in spiritual practice, courting enlightenment, or lost in love for the Divine, what need is there to bother yourself about the fine points of Ascension?  You’ll ascend without giving a thought to the matter. Just remember to say “yes” when that tidal wave of love sweeps over you.

If we agree that the purpose of life is to know our true identity as deeply as possible, to know that you are God, and I am God, and we all are God, then Ascension is simply one step on that pathway. But of far more consequence is developing love for God. That will carry you through many Ascensions.

It’s my opinion that a commitment to spiritual practice, a love for the Divine Mother, or a willingness to turn aside from all else that attracts is worth more than all knowledge of any kind whatsoever.

Remember what the basic spiritual movement is. The basic spiritual movement is to turn from the world to God. The basic spiritual movement is to discriminate between the Real and the unreal, detach yourself from the unreal, and devote yourself to the Real.

If you are in the process of doing that and wish to continue without distraction or changing commitment, who among the ascended masters would fault you for that?

Moreover, lightholders are lightworkers. They simply serve by pursuing enlightenment. To those who wonder why lightholders are not taking up the cause of Ascension, they are taking up a cause that supersedes Ascension – the cause of constant ascension called “enlightenment.” How could anyone be faulted for that?

I am a lightholder who took a lifetime out to serve as a lightworker. I miss the lightholder’s path. I chafe at being away from it as long as I’ve had to be. But I also know, and have been told by my sources, that I contracted to leave the metaphorical cave and serve Ascension this lifetime in this manner. But the lightholders have no less agreed to serve the cause of Ascension by anchoring the light.

So please relax on the matter of Ascension. As Sir Thomas More said before paying the ultimate price for his faith: “[God] will not refuse one who is so blithe to go to Him.”

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