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Angelic Guides ~ Parallel Realities ~

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of parallel realities and the impact they have on your reality.  It may be a shock to some of you to learn that there are parallel realities; however there are some of you who are on some level already aware that they exist.  What we would like to touch upon today is how you can use them to your benefit.  This topic is a very large one and we will be just scratching the surface of the many realities that exist right alongside of you at any given moment.



The Pleiadian Archangelic Realm. “The Ascension Is Not An Exclusive Club.” By, Bella Capozzi


Ascension is happening.  It is happening everywhere you look, everywhere you go.  You have need only to open up your hearts and your eyes to know that this is true.  Be of a mind to see, but see with your true inner vision rather than with the limited perception you have relied upon in the past.  When we say “see”, what we really mean is for you to feelIntuit.  Latch onto that initial first “hit” of information which comes to you and do not let it go.  Hold onto it and mull it over for a time.  Even if at first what you are sensing or hearing seems inapplicable to the current situation in which you find yourself, resist the old, conditioned impulse to disregard your guidance right away.  Remember that all is changing now, and what that means is that it is time to re-evaluate the way you have perceived and approached  your challenges in the past.  Thus you must re-assess the means by which you shall henceforth rise up to meet them.  Take a chance and act upon the guidance you’ve been given.  In these times of the Ascension, even the seemingly darkest of clouds has a silver lining.  You need only to believe that is is there.  Seek out the good in each of your sisters and brothers, and dig deep to uncover the life-lesson in every situation.  Reach out your hand.  If nothing is ventured, then nothing is gained.  Be bold.


Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Lord Lanto

Wisdom and understanding

Within you lies a flame of inner wisdom that once ignited, will grow and glow in your heart for your entire lifetime. Take the time to ignite this Three Fold Flame of love, wisdom and power as you seek greater spiritual understanding, for now is the time of the awakening of the path to the one.
Let that golden hue within you be the balance for your wisdom and your power. Use this balancer as your guide in all that you say and do and you will notice profound changes taking place within you. Spend time each day and night to connect with this flame and feed it. Ask your guides and angels questions through this flame and you will begin to understand the different levels of initiation and wisdom that those of us on this side are constantly working through and to as we are in service to humanity.


What STILL Needs to be done? Questions Answered A Message From Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 18, 2012

Greetings Everybody. I had some questions emailed to me and Mother Sekhmet asked me to allow her to reply. It is impossible to explain Earth Ascension without reviewing the motives of the few wishing to control the many. I know this will inflame some. The reason is everyone is on a different point in their Awakening process and some become incensed when they feel something does not resonate with their level of life experience. The TRUTH is there is a lot of ignorance and stupidity out there. The High Beings sharing the messages have an understanding of the full Akashic record or every deed and word spoken in all Earth history. At times they share information with us that is more knowledge than we have come to understand in our limited views within the matrix. I urge suspending all disbelief and allow the information to intrigue and possibly heal. It is not easy to write about such polarizing TRUTHs but I know it helps with healing and I humbly do so for that purpose.  A reader sent in the following questions which many of you have garnered from websites designed to keep lightworkers in fear and by doing so disconnects readers from their Inner Life and the gift of discernment – to KNOW by KNOWING and no longer need to ask others. In this space – as we heal from the lies – the complete enslavement – when we KNOW the Golden Age within our own HEARTS it is birthed from the Realm of Cause into the Physical Realm through Collective Consciousness making it so. No DEADLINES have been missed – IT IS ALL OF US LOVING TOGETHER who determine the date. The Galactics stand by waiting for us to cue them we are finally ready! Please look for my messages at http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/messages/ as I phase out posting other places. Please email me if you have questions or would like to be on my list eltrutwin@gmail.com much love, ~Beth

What STILL Needs to be done? Questions Answered A Message From Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 18, 2012 

Greetings Children of Ra. This is Mother Sekhmet. What MORE needs to be done?


Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa, November 19, 2012

SaLuSa, November 19, 2012

To think that after preparing yourselves over some years in readiness for Ascension, that time is virtually upon you. Suddenly what you have dreamt of has approached near enough for you to get a feel of what it is like to experience the higher energies. Once experienced it is never forgotten as it is an ecstatic feeling of utter joy and happiness, peace and contentment. Imagine being in that state of bliss as normal from one day to another, and free of the lower emotions. It is your true way of living and why those of you who are ready will move out of duality. Some of you have always felt that something was missing from your lives, and now you have found out what it is.


Veronica Keen ~ Montague Keen – November 18, 2012 ~

November 18, 2012

My dear, it is heartening for us to see people waking up to the fact that those who control your world, control your media. This is how they have managed to keep you in the dark about their plans for your world. When you hear the truth spoken on your television, then you will know, without a doubt, that the light has triumphed.

You were excited to learn that many in Ireland are suing the banks; so, UNTIL THE BANKS ANSWER THE CHARGES, the people do not have to pay their mortgages ! The people of Ireland are to be congratulated on this. They are the first to attempt to take on the banks. It is going to be interesting to see how this one plays out.

We hold you in our hearts with appreciation for your strength and determination. – channeled by Ron Head

Spanish        Portuguese


We see that today we have a curious mix of personal energies to discuss with you.  Many of you are experiencing what could only be called a lull or pause.  Others are wondering where all this negativity has come from suddenly.  Some few are still feeling as if they are running full speed uphill.  It is all the same circumstance with varying symptoms, my friends.  Would you like a metaphor that would explain how all of that could possibly be similar?


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