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There is plenty of polarity to go around. Revolutions all over the globe offer up a world view that is anything but united. We are pushing the limits, testing the restraints, seeing just how far it will hold before it breaks.

Children do this. Place a limit or a rule on the behavior of a child and he’ll immediately almost break it and watch what happens. If there is no reaction she’ll move closer to breaking it, awaiting the repercussions. If they are not decisive enough – the rules are blatantly ignored; to hell with the consequences! What has been forbidden is just too good to ignore, at any cost.

 Despite every effort to the contrary, oneness is upon us. We as a species have seen beyond the chains that bind us. We’ve decided that’s where we want to be; indeed we’ve discovered our truth. There will be no stopping this shift until our unity is palpable on every shore and in each heart.

 We’ve done this ourselves. There has been One force that enlivened our transformation and that force is love. We have chosen love. As my son said a few days ago, we’ve tried everything else. Nothing else works. It is the truth of our very essence that is our power. We are love.

 We are moving very quickly now towards the galactic alignment that we’ve been told will signify the end of duality, a shift in our way of life. Despite predictions and promises, none of us actually knows what it’ll look or feel like, not exactly. Yet there is one thing that can be surmised from even a cursory view at current headlines. We are coming together as never before.

Whether this is due to a criminal banking system, a corrupt government or a natural disaster; we have joined hands, hearts and minds to find solutions. This is unity. It gets stronger every day and is felt in surprising places.

 The energy of our light is so very powerful. It’s broken through the cabal-inflicted darkness and flooded the place. There is nothing we can’t do.

 This simple decision, to love, is transforming the world. You are, without exception, exquisite. Take a look into your eyes today and say hello to a piece of divinity. You did it! You have hung in there at every impossible moment and met each obstacle. You are here now because of your sheer will and absolute love. In truth, many times it wasn’t that much fun. You stayed anyway. You’re doing a great job.

 I’m not sure what precisely you are here to do, yet I can tell you will full confidence what you are here to feel. You are here to experience agape. With every ounce of emotion you have, love yourself. You are one in seven billion and absolutely perfect. God, in putting this whole thing together, needed just one more piece in order to pull it off. That piece is you. You complete the puzzle; it is now a work of art.

 This masterpiece that is creation is alive and crawling with artists. Each moment there’s a new stroke, a bold color, or a subtle nuance added. We are the painters and the patrons, the brushes and the paint, the canvas and the pencils, the mind, heart and soul of this work. Our masterpiece evolves as we breathe in and out…love. This world is an emission of our brilliance, a product of our combined agape. Our eyes behold the reflection of One.

 There is no other who holds the brush; this work is our very own. We are the One we’ve been waiting for.


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