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Posted by Steve Beckow

One of the questions I’ve heard a lot at these two conferences is: how can I serve others so that they become alive to Ascension?

The answer that I would give is twofold. The first part of it would be: Listen.

If you think of it for a moment, most people in our society like to talk. As a society we seem to think that the answer to so many problems lies in our speaking. Of course speaking is a powerful tool.

But a second equally necessary and powerful tool is that for every speaker there needs to be a listener. The subtle but powerful contribution of listening seems so often to be overlooked.

But we as lightworkers can supply that gap. We can listen and by doing so we supply a gift of inestimable value.

We probably think that most people who approach us about Ascension want to hear from us. Undoubtedly they do to a certain point, but the moment they show resistance, our response is often to redouble our speaking efforts.

What I’d like to urge us to do instead is to respond in a different way: to respond by listening. I urge us to listen and listen and listen.

People do not need “fixing” – really they don’t. And most people do not respond to attempts to fix them. They feel offended.

They need to dig themselves out of the burden of their decisions, conclusions, beliefs, etc. – to be sure. But they do that by speaking themselves and we assist them by doing what so few people do in this world and that is to listen.

My intention at the first conference was to meet as many attendees as I possibly could and just to listen to them. I believe I did meet quite a few and, if you were to ask them what I said, I predict that no one will recall anything I said because I didn’t say very much. I just listened.

That is something I learned from my Mother. I can’t recall a single thing she said but she was universally prized and sought out as a listener.

Therefore if you want to help your loved ones overcome their resistance to Ascension, the first and most important step to take with them, in my view, is to listen to them

The second part of my answer would be to love. Surely one of the most important messages that’s coming through from everyone – Saul, Jesus, Archangel Michael, SaLuSa, SanJAska, the Arcturian Group and all the other sources we listen to – is the primacy of love in the Ascension process.

Loving others is the way we prepare ourselves for Ascension and the service we can provide others. I have to say that, as a person who began his 2012 career as a lightwarrior, and had to make the transition from battling the cabal to preparing for Ascension, I’ve had to open myself more and more to love.

And at times I’ve found love to be elusive and at times I’ve succumbed to the stress of it all or felt so drained I was not sure how to face the next day. But the answer to feeling stressed, feeling drained, knowing what to do next to serve, etc., has always been to love.

I’m not sure why that lesson is a such a hard one for me to learn. But, as dull as I have been, the lesson is slowly sinking in. I could have gotten it from the Beatles years ago – all you need is love, love is all there is, etc. But I chose to take the long, slow route. But I’m starting to get it now.

There’s so much to say as a result of meeting you at the conferences and hearing your concerns, but everyone is starting to arrive again for the start of the second day and if I don’t post this soon, I’ll have missed the window of opportunity.

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