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Below is a message I received during a recent spiritual energy session.

Channeled by Goldenlight

You Are what is called a star channel part of your essence and mission on earth is to bring in communications from other dimensions and galaxies namely from the angelic realm and the pleiadian star system you are a light channel or star channel we the pleiadian council who is overseeing and lovingly watching over your earth life we wish for you to transmit messages for us on your new internet site you can call them pleiadian star channel messages we have much information we wish for you to convey to spiritually minded lightworkers starseeds and really anyone who will listen messages of great importance during this most important time

Goldenlight: Ok!!! Gladly

We were over your house tonight thats why your cat was acting that way meowing at the door which he never does!!!

Goldenlight: Yes i thought so

We dont wish to frighten you

Goldenlight:  Well since this is the first personal contact perhaps we can ease onto it… Starting with communications and dream visits. Maybe I could visit your ships in my dreams


You are a star being from many light years away that is why you feel so foreign here. You came for the purpose of being a light channel at this time. We also are working with your council of angels where you originate from essentially

You essence is starlight 5th dimensional energy from the pleiades that is why we wish to help you develop your latent abilities in human form – telekinesis manifestation teleportation telepathy. Some of these you are already doing especially in dreamstate. In the new earth all will have these abilities awakened

Do not worry about who to tune into for the communications.. Simply connect with your higher self and council of angels as you have been doing for that is your true essence.. We will coordinate with them in bringing the messages through you.. We just wanted you to know that part of your soul essence is from the pleiades but your soul was birthed in the angelic realm with the source creating you there..that was your first true “home” but remember you are source wanting to experience itself and to do that source created “separate” parts of itself but of course they could never really be separate it was and is only an illusion all of it is source individuating to know source. Planet earth is the amnesia planet but now you know the truth and the veil of your amnesia is lifting you have “fuscovered” (intentional typo)  it on your own and we are proud of you dear one

Goldenlight: I’m so glad that I am awakening to my true self and that i can be of service to ALL. I would love to meet fascinating spiritual people one day like Dolores Cannon!!

You will. Continue your work and its inevitable

Goldenlight: Wow!!! Thank you for contacting me tonight sorry I got so scared when you were over my house.  Ive never “seen” anything like that in my earth reality im trying to adjust to it.

Its ok we’ll know when you are ready and by then all will “know” of us and we will all visit each other and communicate telepathically like we are with you right now.

Goldenlight: Oh!!! So “channeling” is a form of telepathic communication!!

Yes and thats why so many people are communicating messages now because their telepathy is awakening just like your is. We send out signals or communications and “see” who can pick up on it.

Although you were predestined and pre-agreed to share these communications.. You volunteered to help out to be a part of the raising of the consciousness of humanity in your own unique way. It is a major component of your life mission there on the planet at this time. You will be a part of this new earth community and one of the “keepers of the light” assisting in anchoring in the golden light which is 5th dimensional light and this is why they are calling it the Golden Age upon earth and a wondrous new earth and new age it will be as we speak the crystalline grids of earth are energizing into full frequency to anchor in the 5th dimensional light into Gaias body. Humans are part of her “etheric” body and must all now raise their consciousness to a certain level of light quotient so that their minds bodies and spirit will harmonize with Gaias newly elevated frequencies and vibrations. The Platinum crystal is the master crytal that was saved from atlantis and will be used to regrow the lost and missing crytal entities that were in atlantis..each corresponding to one of the 12 color rays from source. These powerful crystal beings will be reawakened and regrown in the new Golden Age and will be encoded with special automatic shutoffs in case they are ever misused again for misguided intentions. There will be built in codes added this tome so that this does not happen. Just as there were crystal cities in atlantis, there will be crystals in each continent to assist with the new cities if light. Gaia must go through a bit of a cleansing process before this can happen. Archangel Metatron is the Overseer of these “new” redesigned crystals along with other angelic beings. Many Ascended Master such as Sananda, Buddha, and St Germaine are part of the council ushering in this new Golden Age. Again the reason why many himans are relaying messages from them at this time is they are receiving these via telepathic communication. The masters and angels are working closely with humanity and with Gaia (your Mother Earth) at this time to usher in this new Golden Age.

We do not wish to frighten you, we just wanted to “see” how you are

Goldenlight: Thankyou!!! I feel like you are my star family!

We are :) 🙂 and we love you just as god and your council of angels love you. Your essence is pure light and you are a beautiful emanation!!! Let your vibrant emanating light shine forth!!!

Thank you Angelic Council of Light.

– GoldenLight ☼


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