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One of the wars against the war on drugs has been won and that means Americans everywhere now have access to medical marijuana in this government-approved form. The government had to approve it because it has virtually no THC, that particular cannibinoid that gets people high. So believe me, the FDA, DEA and FTC have all yielded and it will show up at your door if you order the newest/oldest medicine on the planet.

Medical Marijuana Inc., Dixie Elixirs and Edibles Brand will be featured on 60 Minutes “Rocky Mountain High” segment on Sunday, October 21. Denver’s thriving medical marijuana industry will be the primary focus of the show’s segment by Steve Kroft. 60 Minutes, the most successful television broadcast in U.S. history, draws an average of over 13 million viewers a week.

That is a lot of people to watch what is good news for the entire medical establishment as well as the alternative medical community. It is the best news for millions who are sick and on many pharmaceutical drugs that Cannabidiol (CBD) will replace safely and naturally. Bottom line, CBD is going to make a whole lot of people feel better about 10 minutes after they drop some Cannabidiol under their tongues.

Now we all have access to pharmaceutical-grade natural medicine from a company that is entirely outside the medical industrial complex. Just do not order this product, cannabidiol, to get high for it will not take you there. But if you need a potent medicine in your fight against chronic disease, cannabinoid medicine will deliver the goods. In the fight against cancer, neurological diseases and diabetes, one would actually be crazy to do it without CBD.

CBD turns the debate about illicit-drugs-as-medicine on its head—medical marijuana that does not get the user high. One woman with Parkinson’s disease, who Dr. Michael Callton treats, told him she ingests an oral marijuana candy, a medicine that doesn’t make her intoxicated in order to calm her tremors enough so she can sleep. “She doesn’t want to get high,” said Dr. Callton (also Michigan Republican Representative). “She just wants to sleep.”

I am telling my readers to really look at this issue and perhaps to buy some stock in the company. This potent CBD nutraceutical (that can compete with any pharmaceutical on the market) is going to do very well so I would recommend buying stock in this company. It is only about ten cents a share last time I looked so there is a lot of head room and the stock has been moving. Just wait till after the 60 Minutes show and we will all see where this will go.

I have a client in Austrailia who has heavy neurological damage and discomfort and is on the Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol. He just started on DixieX Dew Drops and he is doing very well. I have been holding off on sharing about DixieX for the launch of DrSircus.com, which should happen sometime next week.

Anti-Inflammatory Cancer Therapy

The truth is there is no “overnight fix” for chronic inflammation. That said I take that back and say there is. The quickest fix for inflammation, the one that works most instantly is sodium bicarbonate. So many doctors and books talk about inflammation today but they fail to mention the mighty muscleman of the anti-inflammation world. Right behind this heavyweight is magnesium chloride, which is the anti-inflammatory that too many doctors are still forgetting to mention and use. It literally controls inflammation because a deficiency in magnesium is one of the basic root causes of inflammation, so its replenishment is the logical way to put out inflammatory fires.

If all this medical forgetting is not enough ineptitude, realize that the newest, strongest and possibly greatest anti-inflammatory on the block (CBD) just went legal and now exists and is available in topical and oral forms. People who have used medical marijuana know this because it gives so much quick pain relief. Now we have it in a perfect form!

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This is a picture of a CBD topical cream product.

These three substances, when used together, change the world of medicine and certainly the world of anti-inflammatory medicine. I am already racing at warp speed to finish Anti-Inflammatory Cancer Therapy, which I will roll out as soon as we publish Treatment Essentials. Both of these works introduce my completed protocol.

I have just finished my research and I am astounded by the work I have done in the last three months, which has taken my understanding of medicine and health to new heights. I will be sharing my discoveries in the next few weeks.


CBD spells bad news for the pharmaceutical industry because, when combined with other strong medicinals like magnesium, sodium bicarbonate and iodine, people can treat themselves more safely and effectively than they can be treated in a doctor’s office.

This essay just touches upon the reasons why you should have CBD in your medicine cabinet. Alone or in combination with other substances, it has a powerful effect that should not be ignored in our struggle against acute and chronic diseases. For more information and many other reasons, please read my book:

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Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P)
Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine


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