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November is the month that changes everything. Many things are going to flip over and turn inside out. What will happen this month is almost indescribable. This month is huge, off the map and absolutely unpredictable. It is a massive Turning Point.

Often it feels like we are walking on the razor’s edge between the old and the New where everything is On the Line. Like a tightrope walker walking over a precipice, we would love to make each step carefully and consciously, concentrating on maintaining our balance, but there isn’t time for that. Instead, we have to drop our horizontal pole and run forwards blindly, aligned with our Trueness and guided only by our Heart’s Knowingness.

This month will bring us many situations that will involve acting first and thinking later. There will be less and less time to think. As we have so much to accomplish, we need to develop a Zen-like focus that moves quickly from task to task and back again while being challenged with numerous distractions. Action of some kind will become increasingly important. We will have to act fast and think about it later. If we do nothing, we might miss something important. We must integrate our beliefs so fully into ourselves that we will be able to quickly express them on the physical, particularly in crisis situations.

There is a strong theme of Revision and Course Correction this month. We won’t consciously revise things, but many elements of our lives will undergo a powerful Revision. This Revision is a by-product of what is happening this month on a monolithic shift level.

We will experience a major deepening this month. We are clearing out the distortions of aeons so we can align with the true state of Who We Are from beyond the beginning, so we can bring trueness to all elements of our lives. For some, this may manifest as Ultra Perfect Storms that flatten us with sickness, stripping away layers of hardship, struggle and distortions. When this happens, we may feel sad, angry, disappointed, tired. We may be shaken to the core of our beings, while all the outer structures of our known worlds tumble down in a massive earthquake, until only the Truest part of us remains. We will be challenged to make quick decisions and take fast actions without time to think about what we are doing, while being bombarded with the greatest intensity. We will be constantly tested to live our beliefs, rather than just talking about them.

If we’re not yet on the right track, we will shift tracks and be repositioned onto a truer trajectory in November. A lot of people who have been unsure of what happens next in their lives, of what to do and where to go, will suddenly find themselves knowing the answers to these questions with unquestionable clarity.

On November 22nd, the Eleventh Gate of the 11:11 will be activated. This is the final 11:11 Activation and marks the end of our momentous, nearly twenty-one year, journey through the 11:11 Doorway. The Activation of Eleventh Gate opens the doors to a new world that we cannot yet see, but that we can strongly feel. It is already having a powerful effect on us because this one event contains both the END and the BEGINNING as the spiral comes full circle. This sense of major completion interlaced with a massive New Beginning is deeply poignant. We are so close to the end of an era. We are nearing the completion of our lengthy journey through duality.

Part of the completion process is the letting go of our entire journey. For ones like me who have devoted many years of their lives to our journey through the 11:11 Doorway, this is a huge thing. We remember and honor the special people who came to one or two 11:11 Gate Activations to play a major part, and then suddenly disappeared.

We remember 140 people cramming themselves into a small inner chamber in the Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae in Egypt to activate the Lotus of True Love while the Egyptian Temple Guardians had tears running down their faces, saying that they had waited thousands of years for us, that we were the Gods returning. We remember dancing all night on the tiny atoll of Tetiaroa during Fourth Gate as a multitude of stars rained down upon us. We remember the 11:11 Gate Activations that almost fractured from within when our One Being wasn’t strong enough. We remember being pelted with rain and wind during the Sixth Gate Activation in Ireland. We remember our magnificent procession on elephants, camels and horses to the Seventh Gate Activation on Jagmandir Island in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. We remember the birth of the White Dragons during the Dance of the Elements on the Isla de la Luna in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia at the second Eighth Gate Activation. We remember spiraling into the Heart of the Lotus in Bali during Ninth Gate.

It has been a magnificent and deeply challenging journey that required our total commitment and now it is nearing its completion. During the Eleventh Gate Activation, the Diamond of the Unseen will be revealed. This is the New World that is being born. It encompasses all our known worlds in an infinitely vaster landscape. From the completion of our journey through the 11:11 Doorway comes the rebirth of AN. During this time, there will be many people who will suddenly realize that they are part of the great Family of AN. And next, we will come together to anchor the Heart of AN into the physical Earth.

At the end of the month, we will be vastly altered, not the same as we were before. November is going to be amazing, surprising, joyous, creative and full of immense LOVE. It’s going to take us to our perfect places, within and outside of us. It is a time of homecoming — when we return home to our True Selves. Huge energies that we’ve never known before will come in that will move us into the expanded realms of the Diamond of the Unseen.

This is it… The END and the BEGINNING….

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We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!

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