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Julie Miller ~ Spiritual Energy is Increased When You EMBRACE Love ~

Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ November 09 – 16, 2012

Channeled by: Julie Miller

November 09, 2012

Many dear souls are finally beginning to realize that many of their daily difficulties and challenges is your inner body telling you there is a blockage within your vital energy centers. It is essential to learn of your energy centers and of your Kundalini and how each one works and what can transpire when there is any kind of imbalance. What is even more remarkable dear ones is the actual understanding of the infinite energy that is readily available to you from the Universe and not from food or other people.



DL Zeta ~ Navigating the New Time through Dream Downloads and Dimensional Travels ~

Dreams are one way our mind goes “off the grid” to commune with other aspects of our consciousness, but dream states are not the only portals available to us.

As we develop our “inner technologies,” our psychic abilities open a doorway to greater communion with our past, future and parallel selves. We don’t have to consciously understand the workings of this information exchange between aspects of our consciousness, but it is important that our beliefs embrace this source of knowing so we can open to it.


Heavenletter #4364 A Constellation of the Stars

God said:

Oneness pulls Us together, you and I. We are magnets. It is inevitable that We unite in your awareness. It is clear that I am already aware of Our melded Oneness. You may not be quite aware. You may give lip service, and, yet, you pause before the supposed you who gives yourself wholly to Me. You are hesitant. What if you were to lose something? Yes, you will lose something. You will leave unending fear and loneliness. You will lose the imagined past. You will lose past identity and claim a Greater Identity.


Aisha North ~ The manuscript of survival – part 219 ~

Today is an important day indeed, as it hold within its confines the hopes and prayers of millions of people. We talk not about the election of one man to an earthly position here, but we talk of the choice that so many others will make in their hearts today. You see, this is not only about the election of a single individual that will be chosen as the president of one of the countries you have been divided into on this planet. We talk about the fact that from now on, the energies that have been transmuted and changed into a whole new octave, will start to make their voice heard in so many ways. You see, underneath all of the hustle and bustle created by this election, and by so many other ”superficial” events going on at the same time, the renewal of this planet’s energetic layer has been all but invisible. That is, except for the likes of you, who have already managed to tap into this new power source. And for those who have gotten a taste of this elixir, they know that big changes are afoot. We say ”elixir”, but we are well aware that the tasting of this brew may have caused more than a mild reaction in your physical body already, and also in your mental one, as this heady concoction is nothing if not life changing in so many ways. Let us explain.


The Platinum Flame of Saint Germain through Sharon Taphorn

Working with Saint Germain:

 Saint Germain was one of the first masters that I can remember consciously working with as I remember having a reading with Archangel Metatron (that was the first time I had heard of this angel) in the 80’s and he told me that I was from the Great White Brotherhood under the direction of Saint Germain. While I did not particularly like the name of this group, I did check them out and understand that it means a vibration of light. I do however still think there is too much separation of race upon the earth plan for us to assume that name and therefore just chose to explore Saint Germain on my own.


Karen Doonan ~ Arcturians message of peace ~

Greetings beloveds we are the Arcturians and we are here to guide and support ALL as they now begin the process that will take them out of the confines of the old world and into the new world with its ability to support at CORE level. Many of you may now be in the throes of chaos as the old world attempts to dissolve and you now begin the process of harnessing the new energies.

We wish to state clearly that the supportive and nurturing new energies of the new world are available to ALL. It may appear to begin with that all is breaking and all is the “end times” as has so clearly been described across your world but this is NOT TRUTH for the old must dissolve in order to make way for the new. Energy JUST IS and the energies that are now pouring across and within planet earth are a far higher vibration and frequency than ever before.


Valerie Donner: A Message from Mira of the Pleiadian High Council

Posted by Andrew Eardley

A Message from Mira of the Pleiadian High Council (now working with the Earth Council)

Through Valerie Donner November 7, 2012


Greetings, I am Mira.

I greet you from the Earth Council as we seek to expand our assistance wherever we are needed. Decisions must be made. We are constantly recalculating and measuring the changing scale of things.

Our efforts to co-ordinate various missions have also expanded. Some of these are in partial evidence. We are making our ways known that we are with you. Please know that you are not alone. If earth changes present themselves and you need our assistance we have prepared for it.


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