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THE EARTH ANGELS; Sharing More About 11-11, And What It Means To Us. By Bella Capozzi.

November 9, 2012.
Posted on November 9, 2012 bytheangeldiaries

We bid you good day, and yet another fine day it is; one filled with optimism and promise. Whilst we work among you, we cannot help but key into the rising anticipation circulating around the upcoming date of November the 11th. Normally we would say that all time is no time in itself. True. Yet we concede that this day is different, so we shall agree that you may go on and treat it as such. It is wise to be aware. So open up and allow yourself to receive.



Julie Miller – Demonstrate Your Authentic Self

Channeled by: Julie Miller

Even during any turbulent moment in your life dear ones, you can learn to relax and be ONE with yourself. Yes many of you have gone through the clearing of old ways in order to make room for the newer ways that have not ALL arrived yet. During the waiting stage is opportunity to practice being just YOU. The waiting is not meant for you to dawdle and become bored because really there is never any reason for boredom to develop. There is always something productive and creative you could do that is to the benefit of you, those closest to you and the energy you emit will indeed benefit others on a colossal cosmic scale because of the interconnectedness that is shared within all life forms.

Aisha North ~ The manuscript of survival – part 218 ~

As the sun rises today, it brings with it even more good news. You might be unaware of this, but last night, a large multitude of the shining souls currently gathered on this planet were deeply involved in an important task that will bring so much relief to the rest of mankind. You see, in the unseen realms, under the radar of ”ordinary folks” to call it that, a major clean up operation has taken place, and the outcome of it all was indeed a resounding success. We know this will sound more than a little strange to many, as the task we refer to is one that can best be described as science fiction to you all. But it is in fact not fiction, but facts, and the results from all of this hard labour will soon be apparent. As we have already touched upon in an earlier missive, some of those parasites who have been sucking mankind dry in so many ways during this huge expanse of time has already been forcibly removed from your atmosphere, and last night, they were joined by an even larger contingent. Of course, they did not leave voluntarily, but were asked to do so in no uncertain terms by you.


Heavenletter #4357 The Great Yearning

God said:

Blue is the color of the sky and of the seas, and yet the word blue in the world has come to mean sad. It may be that blue has come to mean sad because you know that beyond the sky and beyond the seas lies a Greatness that you faintly remember. You know there is something, and, yet, you know not what. There is something alluring beyond. You can’t quite reach it, and so blue has come to mean sad.


Maureen Moss – The Game Has Changed

Dear Hearts, As always, I pray you are well. The energies are intensifying and will become more so in the closing days of this cycle ahead. As the next two months progress there will be even more profound breakthroughs and breakdowns. The Divine Descent is upon us, as Heaven is brought to Earth, through us.

We are being made impeccably authentic and honest with ourselves and each other, as the energies continue their relentless pursuit to break us of all the mental and egoic strongholds that have held us hostage on all levels of our Creation.

Our personalities are being strongly guided in these final hours to let our souls lead us to peace. If you will allow yourself to be guided, void of resistance, you will know alchemy, spiritual magic, vertical magic, and meet your true state of being.


Fran Zepeda ~ Ascended Master Lanto – Awakening into Oneness

Received November 1, 2012

Ascended Master Lanto:

Greetings, all. I am Master Lanto, here to bring you tidings and Love from all the Spiritual Realm. It is not ever that I have appeared through this channel, but find it necessary to bring my words of encouragement for your Ascension through her today, my dear ones.

Throughout the times of your growth over the ages, over the eons since your fall into duality, I have been with you, watching your progress. I now again offer my support and my encouragement on your long but illustrious journey along through Ascension.

Many times you have wondered, as you trekked along this winding road back to Oneness, as to your value and as to your capability to succeed. Well, I am here to tell you that you are all succeeding beautifully. It was not for the weak of spirit or faint of heart to embark on this wonderful path you are all on, my dear ones. No, it took and is taking great strength and wisdom and courage to continue.


Taryn Crimi – “A tree in the wind must remain flexible”


Today we would like to focus your attention on humanities astonishing ability to overcome unfathomable adversity. There are many who are experiencing a wide array of challenging experiences in this great time of change. There are those of you who can see the positive in any situation and in turn are very grateful for the benefits that the experience brings, and there are others who will choose to find the negative in even the most positive of situations. Of course like anything in your world, your perception of the experience is what determines whether it is seen as a positive experience of a negative experience. Remember, every circumstance is neutral, only you can place a value on it.


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