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Julie Miller ~ Surrendering to God Brings You to Divine Commitment and Devotion ~

Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ November 06 – 13, 2012

Channeled by: Julie Miller

November 06, 2012

 Before any dear soul surrenders to the divine and unto God, you must understand what it means to surrender. Exploration of yourself, and the many opportunities presented to you for you to apply in all your activities that are Love and Light filled. Through the moments of self-discovery you will learn what truly needs improving, maybe some areas only require a little tweaking, and you will discover many ways of reaching a particular outcome, but only one that will resonate with you. Every experience you are part of is your own way of building knowledge and how you respond, and react is incredibly important. Making choices that are filled with God’s Love will help direct you to furthering your comprehension of what it means to surrender.



Wes Annac ~ A Chat with the Hathors: Astral Landscapes and Unfolding Perceptions ~

Wes: Dearest Hathors, I would like to perceive of the realities you reside within. I will go into a light meditative state and attempt to receive the impressions sent from you.

I perceive of a colorful type of jungle, and the image reverberates and shifts between the jungle and a pure reality that seems only to be comprised of color and sound. I am getting an image of both places, seeming to overlap each other.

The Hathors: What you are experiencing and feeling are our pure realms of full consciousness that we exist within upon your Earth, as well as a more toned-down version of such realities that will match your physical perception and understanding of these realms. You would best recognize these realms in your current state, dear Wesley, as realms that would match a landscape that you are used to.


Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa, November 7, 2012

SaLuSa, November 7, 2012

The excitement grows in anticipation of the coming weeks, as the first real step towards Ascension looms near as Obama holds his position in the lead in the Presidential Election. Much is depending on the result, but the people have not been fooled by the antics of the opposition. They recognize in Obama his earnest desire to work for the people, and see his achievements in spite of the attempts to deny them. The tide has turned as people awaken to the truth and are now more intuitive when selecting their leader. There is also a strong feeling that it is time for far reaching changes, that lead you into the New Age.


Sheldan Nidle – November 6, 2012

November 6, 2012

8 Men, 3 Xul, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return! Everywhere around your planet, teams drawn from a special coalition of our sacred allies, Agarthans, and our liaison personnel are preparing a grand surprise! The present reality is beginning to experience difficulties as the many timelines that determine how it operates collapse. This massive temporal deconstruction is forcing the dark cabal to realize that the present construct can no longer hold. We have watched these cabalists obstinately refuse any and all proposals to step down and allow your divinely decreed freedom to manifest. Apparently, they still believe that some sort of ‘event’ can somehow reverse their predicaments and keep them in control. This is simply not going to happen! The Creator’s edicts state that the time for a new consciousness gestalt for humanity has arrived. The dark cabal needs to step aside and let us do what the divine plan mandates. Our role, at this point, has been reduced to using our abilities to bring this situation to a head, and this we are doing by setting up the final procedures which are to topple the besieged and outdated power structures of your globe.


Christine Meleriessee ~ Frequency Update ~ November 5th through 12th, 2012 ~

This is a weekly update on the changes within the Earth and each of us.  The Cosmic Level is a channeled message from the Unified Whole Command which includes The Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, and Albert Einsten’s energies.

Planetary Level ~

This week brings us Mercury Retrograde on Tuesday and last through December 14th but it is supported with some very supportive and nurturing influences.  It is a time to look at our communication and how it fits into our present awareness; what needs to be addressed, removed, or accepted are the key points to this cycle.  We, at Walking Terra Christa, also feel that an individual should arise above some of these planetary influences as we are moving into a higher vibrational existence upon the Earth.  It will definitely make us more sensitive but in a very positive fashion by allowing us to see the parts that do not define our TRUE SELVES.  The other aspects involve being very nurturing and loving which means taking care of YOU.  Take time out to weed the old that happened from the Full Moon cycle to fully embrace the essence you have desired to achieve.


John Smallman ~ Saul – Wellness is the state in which you feel at peace ~

11/07/2012 by John Smallman

Wellness is to envelop you all.  Wellness is the state in which you feel at peace, satisfied, composed, alert; not anxiously wondering about some 3D issue in your personal life or that of humanity.  It is the state that you seek and encourage to enfold you when you pray or meditate, and in which you surrender all your fears and worries to your Father through the Holy Spirit.


John Smallman ~ Jesus – Establishing a relationship with your own deep presence ~

November 7, 2012 by John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms — at the level of consciousness that prevails outside your illusory realm — we continue to assist you in your awakening process, constantly.  And I confirm that your awakening is divinely assured.  Release your doubts about it and focus on your powerful inner knowing that this is so. Your long journey home is almost completed and a grand welcome awaits you.  Until you arrive, maintain your course positively and lovingly, knowing that your arrival is imminent.


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