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Julie Miller ~ NEVER Forget Who YOU Are ~

Channeled by: Julie Miller

As you move forward along your journey that brings forth unforgettable challenges you will go through many death and rebirths. You go through a moment or two of confusion, you figure things out, you heal, you gain deep insights and you begin to grow and discover a newness – a rebirth of you, letting go of some old outdated ways in order to make room for more light and love filled ways of being and doing that allows you to demonstrate the pure love that is always shining outwardly from your beautiful and divine heart.



DL Zeta ~ Inner Technologies open Portals to Past, Future and Parallel Selves ~

Dreams are one way our mind goes “off the grid” to commune with other aspects of our consciousness, but dream states are not the only portals available to us.

As we develop our “inner technologies,” our psychic abilities open a doorway to greater communion with our past, future and parallel selves. We don’t have to consciously understand the workings of this information exchange between aspects of our consciousness, but it is important that our beliefs embrace this source of knowing so we can open to it.

For some it may be helpful to understand how this waking form of information transfer takes place. One way to understand our inner technologies is through the lens of outer technologies.


Heavenletter #4353 Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty

God said:

You are on the verge of a blast of golden light on Earth. The whole configuration of life on Earth is about to take on new light. You will shake with delight. You will be overcome with wondrousness. You will roll over laughing in joy. Joy is almost upon you. It is yours, and it is for you. This joy will straighten your spine. It will unearth tremendous energy from you. A new day is right before you. A new you is right before you. Not really a new you. More like a latent you rising to the surface. The depths of you are rising up like a huge Tsunami wave. The sun of your heart is going to burst forth into the sunshine of your soul. Your heart is going to leap across the horizon. Heaven will be more clear to you. The Kingdom of Heaven will be upon you. You will leave off whatever has kept you back from this bright sunshine because the sunshine has been of you and for you all this time.


ATHENA. “Yes, You Are Human Angels.” By, Bella Capozzi.


* I’m sure that we are all in agreement that, energetically speaking, this has been a really turbulent and highly charged week – Hurricane Sandy being at the forefront.   Add to that the full moon, with it’s inpouring of powerful new light-codes and activations, and for many (myself included) it hasn’t left us with a lot of time to stop and catch our breath.  As for me, I’ve had family here from New England, stranded due to flight cancellations.  Also, at the same time, I ended up having minor surgery and have been in recovery mode from that at the same time.  All is well now, and I just enjoyed my first long meditation in over a week.  (Eek!  I’ll never go that long again!)  As a result, my blog posts have been somewhat intermittent.  I’m so happy to finally be back online and sharing with all of you.  Here’s a sweet message from our beloved Athena, which came in during today’s vortex meditation.  Love and blessings… Bella. 



Taryn Crimi ~ “Time is only a marker” ~

Today we would like to focus your attention on the illusion of time in your reality. Many of you have lived your whole lives allowing “time” to dictate your every day. But know that time is manmade, it isn’t “real” it is an illusion. Many of you are experiencing time warps as the illusion continues to dissolve. You will notice that there are times where you experience a rapid passing of” time”; you often wonder where all the “time went”. There are other times where it may feel as though “time” has literally stopped. This will continue to be more evident as you continue to increase your vibrations.


Marilyn Raffaele ~ Message of Light from the Arcturians ~

This is a time of much change for many. Do not fear dear ones, for the changes are for the Light to more fully manifest in the world. All is proceeding according to plan and you will soon be well aware of it. Many are asking; “Where is this, where is that?” Be patient dear ones, for the building of low level third dimensional chaos within unenlightened energy took eons to create. This cannot be dismantled in a moment even though it is not real but simply the manifestation of false beliefs and concepts.# (more…)

You are your ancestors with Archangel Azrael, by Sharon Taphorn

Working withArchangel Azrael:

Azrael means ‘Whom God helps,’ as it is his responsibility to bring you to the party when it is time for you to return home. He also helps the people of earth to connect with their deceased loved ones as he and his angels can act like a rainbow bridge to help with this connection. The colour associated with Azrael is a vanilla cream, and the stone is a creamy yellow calcite. I also find that Selenite helps me connect with those crossed over or any other dimension you wish to explore as it raises your vibration and you become aware of so much more. I actually can’t speak while I am holding my Selenite Tower, I have to put it down and then share the message. It is rather a strange feeling.


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