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God said:

Love is a great boon, and when you feel love from others reaching you, naturally your heart swells, and you are glad and grateful. How easy it is to love when you feel love incoming. Now you will be learning how to give love even when you don’t feel that it is being given to you. Oh, to be the one who loves first. Oh, to be the one who loves even when unloved. Oh, to be the one who loves even against odds.

The Great Ones did not discriminate with their love. They loved. They loved, loved, love. What did their eyes say? What did their speech say? Oh, to think how it would feel to be in the presence of the Great Ones. Imagine the wealth of love you would feel, love beyond love, not just a sometime speck of love, but love enriched, stable.

We could say that the Great Ones are like light bulbs lit up. No matter what is going on in the room, no matter who is in the room, the light bulb gives off its light. It gives off light because that is what light bulbs do. Light bulbs are connected and their light turns. They don’t turn their light on. It is already on, and their light goes to everyone present and to everyone not present. A bright light that a Great One emits is love further than the eye can see. The Great Ones’ love is still emanating to the world from what is called time past. No matter, where, when, the Great Ones’ love is shining, and it shines on you. It showers on you. Their love is My love. There are no miles, and there are no hours.

Even the thinking of this love, this love in its purity, this love just naturally pulsing out to the world that hungers and thirsts for it, this love that swells your heart in the richness of it.

Think of how it must be to be a Great One who is that incandescent light bulb of love shining wherever he is.

And, so, today, I ask you to be a light bulb of love and to shine so on your fellow man, to have your light shining as a constant, your light shining no matter the occasion. This is what happens when you are not thinking about yourself and how you feel. The light bulbs of love that the Great Ones are do not stop to ask themselves: “Am I love? Shall I give out love today? How much love shall I give out today?” They do not think: “I will mete out love today according to my mood. In fact, I will measure the love coming in before I give love out.”

Who values himself more, the one who measures the love he gives according to an outside measurement, or the one who simply loves? Who is more full of love, the one who gives because he gives, or the one who meters his love, the one whose love must be paid for in advance, the one who counts his love in and counts out his love like an old miser?

When it comes to love, be a big spender. It is not even being a big spender. It is being who you truly are. If your eyes are blue, your eyes are blue. You don’t have to work up to it. You don’t have to decide every day. Your eyes simply are blue, and that’s it. Allow yourself to be love and to give it at every turn, not even give it, for being love radiates love, enough for love to be known.



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  1. Very powerful and not easy to do. For me it is a constant struggle to keep the mind clear of negativity and judgement so I can love without any chains attached.

  2. Sweetheart, don’t you ever feel that you are alone in your struggle. Perhaps we will All be feeling much better with our imperfections when we start thinking of Love …..

    But what is Love? You humans have so many interpretations of it in your world, and mostly you have greatly limited the true meaning and impact and presence of the Love-energy. Love is not to be nice. But may include it. You can be nice, but it might not be Love. You might be angry, and it could be a sign of love. You could be even very angry, and it could be the greatest sign of Love. It is not the emotion you show which characterizes Love. It is the Being-ness you are, the One Who Cares, the openness and non-contraction all over your being, gross, subtle and causal, the openness to All-That-Is, that is the highest sign of Love. It is the non-reaction to things which arise. It is the resting in the Being-ness of All-That-Is which is True Love, beyond separation and division. In this state you are truly free, otherwise you will be always like a dry leaf in the winds of change, taking on their colors, forgetful of your own. This Love is the only steadiness in the cycles of change, loss, disappearance and the appearance of new things, situations and worlds. So call your true identity Love, if you understand Love’s original sign. Otherwise call it the I AM, the Presence, the Stillness, the Eye in the hurricane, your Being-ness which persists in the carrousel of life.

    This has been channelled by the Beings of Light from the Andromedan Council.

    It was helpful to me and I thought I’d share this with you 🙂
    Love & Hugs

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