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To My Beloved Spirit Family;

For eons you have prepared yourself for the role you are playing in this great resurrection; this restoration of the vital light of love.
You are not fledglings, but rather, great beacons of light who have agreed to incarnate at this auspicious moment to attune the light of every Twin Flame atom to its immaculate concept.

As the vibrations of our beloved Earth shift, you can map what is happening not only by Earth changes and mass events, but also individually through the universe of your corporeal form. The Earth cannot alter in any way without altering your physical bodies simultaneously. Atom for atom you are one with this mother, the great stardust, and beyond beyond.

Things are shifting in very primal ways on the Earth as her kundalini shifts from the Himalayas to South America. As the magnetic field shifts, so does the rate of the atomic spin. Because we are moving from duality and closer to union, the atomic spin is becoming more compressed.

We are in the “wobble” stage and there is no longer a steady pull in one direction, which creates an unbalanced rhythm. The result of these intermediary changes is a simultaneous and necessary shift in the energy fields of beings with enough consciousness to receive an “upgrade”. As a light worker, you’ve no doubt been noticing changes in your bodies, in the sutures in your head, and a million little things tweaking in the universe of your being. These subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes appear in everything from your health to your relationships, to your abundance and creation issues. This wobble is not a bad thing, and as we’ve previously brought to your attention, throws all manner of energetic forms to the edge of your field for the opportunity of transmutation.

You may not fully understand the shift in the continuum, and your full comprehension is not necessary. What is necessary is to go to the greatness of your own Twin Flame heart and breathe life into the fire that is there, allowing it to provide you with all that is needed.

This is your heart field enlightenment. Your mind will clear, your hearts will open and this great “flu” of changes will last for only a short while. You have always known these would be turbulent years and have trained many lifetimes to be where you are; trained to return to consciousness the limitless co-creative powers of your unified self (Twin Flame) with All That Is; trained to build and be the bridge of consciousness.

It is essential, NOW, however, to function from the perception of the heart. Listen from within and feel the emerging field of transmission and broadcast from your connection to the Ongoing Moment of Creation.

If you chose to return your perception to the little mind, every time you hear a news report, you will engage in fear. If you perceive only Love before you, you attune everything to its highest vibration. Know your current state of consciousness and heart connection, and if you only have the ability to hold the true vibration in a state of peace, then do not expose yourself to the illusion through the media for a while. Where your attention is, you are. This is not some Pollyanna approach. It is a learning curve, or better said, a remembering curve, as you learn to see through heart perception. As you gain strength you will ultimately be able to face any illusion and instantly attune the vibration to love. (You would not try to lift 150 lb weight without building up the muscle mass gradually to achieve this feat!)

In every choice to perceive through the heart, you are getting stronger and stronger and stronger. In every conscious joining with your Beloved Twin Flame on any level, you entrain the heart to the field, until you wake one day and realize you have become the field. With a single breath or recognition of the beat of your heart, you move into action, both present in the Real and present as an anchor of broadcasting love in this dimension

Some express confusion about the “spin out” in their lives because they can no longer manifest through the old paradigm. As you have been learning to go to the heart womb, you are connecting to form through the creation field of intention held in the center of the torroidal field; a field of constant regeneration of love that is beyond time
and space.

Critical mass is shifting in this group to the heart field of manifestation. If we show up and how we show up in this field will determine the future mass and equilibrium of the universe of our bodies, and that of the planet. How we are present will determine our experience of the shift. We cannot avoid the shift, for we are knee deep in it. Enough masters have incarnated on the planet to set the spin in motion and it’s rather like the birthing process, which once initiated at conception, cannot be terminated until what was created is delivered in one form or another.

The heart field shift is having a huge effect on this group. Some have
actually shared they feel as if they’re losing their connection to spirit, to magic, to everything, because they’re no longer manifesting in a familiar way. In the past many of you as masters have measured your evolvement by how well you were manifesting money – equating your spiritual success with abundance and how you were managing it. “I’m doing well if I sold X number of books, or X number of products, etc.”

The rules of magnetic attraction function in Time and Space, and Time and Space are changing, compressing. You can no longer “think” your way into your creations…and that’s uncomfortable. It appears in our lives in the form of destabilization of markets, as unstable governing systems, mass health issues, etc. As the Earth wobbles, so do we. As we wobble, so does the Earth. As you stabilize, so the Earth stabilizes.

Since you are one who volunteered to stand on this leading edge, you are being pressed into using this field for manifesting the new world.
Your journey in building this bridge may seem difficult, but being on the cutting edge is always the toughest job, so the others following behind may cross more easily.

The language in the Twin Flame Heart Womb is feeling, not thought. The Feeling simply IS, and it is the command for the creation in scalar wave. If you are not consistently living in, as, and through the heart field, there is inconsistency.

The heart field is a state of being,

and in the past the great masters have held this space, but as a species, we haven’t been able to. You are the great catalysts that will return this world to love by holding this field as a larger group. And you will do this consciously and deliberately by holding a consistent emanation of love both from the Real and from this dimension; allowing your perfectly designed vehicle for enlightenment (your body) to bridge your consciousness. Your humanness is Divine. The vehicle of your body is Divine.

You who read these words came with receptors open for this light and energy and agreed to reunite with your Beloved Twin Flame on some level to act as receptor points for both the Earth and the Humanity matrixes. Every effort made in this dimension is magnified by the host of light from other dimensions, but we must first do our part.

The children of our planet appear to be “off line” or under “anesthesia” only because they are equipped to function from this new field. They do not recognize the old one and their receptors will not engage until the field is generated. That’s our job. Generate the field. Generate this field for the entire planet.

There will be physical examples of this new fusion; Twin Flames who will actually live together in oneness and molecularly generate the field which will feed and anchor the vectors and tangents for the fields you masters will generate so it will enter the cellular structure of the Earth. The conception of children in this unified field of love will re-embody the Immaculate Conception.

It was your heart light that broadcast its desire to be both the ever present heart field and a field of consciousness. Our next level of consciousness is the fusion, the realization of Oneness. The generation, emanation, and focus of love from the heart field are the expression and expansion of God through, in, and as you, individually.

Creating this Heaven on Earth is done with your Beloved Twin Flame, from whom you have never been separated. In conscious union of the primal forces of creation in lovemaking, you will return this world to love. You are pregnant with love and a new design of Earth.

You are honored, you are celebrated, and you are completely supported.
Don’t let this little “wobble” deter your efforts. There will be several along the way, and if you are prepared for them, as you would prepare for the stages of pregnancy, you won’t be thrown for a loop, but will instead acknowledge and welcome each precious stage.

There is not love and something other than love.

There is not God and something other than God.

Only Love is Real!


You are held always in the infinite ocean of love from which you sprang.

Angelina Heart

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