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Message from Master Gautama Buddha
Channeled by: Julie Miller
June 02, 2012
Great joy is with me and freely being given to all that are choosing to stop by and see what it is that I am transmitting through this divine vessel.

Every experience you have encountered dear ones are discernible by various sufferings, and irritations felt by you. Any amount of suffering that you have experienced was caused by choices made by you through what you desired, craved or clung to with emotional attachment. Sub-consciously you moved through each disharmonious event because you actually let go of what you were clinging to. Oh yes it has taken some of you a long time to realize enough is enough and it is time to move on. Once you let go of the craving or the desire that has brought you to the discord you find yourself rising above once again, feeling free and less cumbersome. This feeling of letting go of the attached emotion is recommended to be applied with all areas of your living. This does not mean you love less precious ones, it only means there is no Ego in the way to cause a disturbance or interference. With the Ego under control, your emotion, your love is purer and not restrained by any preconceived thought of how it must be. There are no boundaries for love and love has no restrictions. Love is an inner power that is housed within each of you; it has the capacity of moving mountains and bringing hope where darkness once lived.

Through each suffering moment you have held you have witnessed great truths unleashed and some were to your surprise. Without the hardship, happiness would only be a concept seemingly too far out of reach. It is through the suffering that you welcome and appreciate happiness and joy. It’s through the pain where you understand what it is to be happy. And with all you have experienced both the good things in life and the difficult lessons what has always been consistent is change. You have changed since yesterday and you will change before tomorrow. As soon as any realization enters your mind, you have experienced change. Change will not always be inconceivable, there will be changes for you that will come subtle and slight and it is up to you dear ones to notice when they arrive for they are plenty and existing.
Through this journey of your life that is bringing you towards spiritual enrichment and personal achievement it is becoming understood that even though you are individual beings with individual ways and practice, you are all connected. Through all the separate individualism the connectedness is astounding. The realization of this whole concept is finally beginning to hit home to many. As many are beginning to think and look beyond their comfort zones, they are taking off their blinders and really seeing how one interaction can become huge and meaningful. It is here where respect for each other must be demonstrated. When the realization that all is connected, all lower energy thought forms become dissolved and ridiculing another ceases to a halt. There was never a need to speak unkindly towards another dear soul who is like you trying to find their way. It is most beneficial to treat everyone with dignity and respect, no matter their background or ability to understand.
When your eyes finally open to the realization of the connectedness of the world around you, you begin to make different decisions. You are still responsible for all that you do; that does not go away. The decisions you begin making will be for what is good for you and those involved if your choices involve other people. You stop thinking of what is wrong and evil in the world and understand people are making poor choices for themselves. You are not responsible for their choices. And what is considered wrong to you, look at that and understand where that lesson came from. Some of the lessons taught since childhood about what is considered wrong is based on biased perception of the parent, older sibling or caregiver. When you grow older you mature and in most cases become wiser you develop your own sense of what is right and what is wrong. You begin developing a new personality based on a balance of both right and wrong and learn to work keenly with all that you are. Every day you are perfecting what is already within you.
Any conscious being has the ability through their determination to end any sufferings that is being experienced by cultivating higher positive thoughts that are filled with goodness and love. Changes are happening, they are all around you. The want to excel and to live in happiness must begin by changing yourself. Some dear souls have to hit what is called ‘rock bottom’ before they begin to see the Light of their next direction. Humility is a great teacher of strength and endurance and should not be shunned. It is a life that I have lived long ago when my spirit housed a physical body. It took me quite some time to understand the reasons for suffering. Through all that I have witnessed of the people of my land, it is simple living through the heart that brings out so much wisdom and love. Helping each other instead of turning the back fills the heart richly with God-filled light.
It can be hard breaking away from old habits and adopting newer ones that are healthier for you. I do understand this. Besides learning to accept any sufferings as ways to learn happiness, you need to learn to stop spreading falsehoods about yourself and others. Every time you discredit another you are creating disharmony for yourself, not necessarily for the other person. And it is you that becomes responsible for what you said that was hurtful and inappropriate. Gossip may seem fun to pass the time with, but the one that is being gossiped on likely would not like it. It is important as you are learning to move within your I AM Presence that you abstain from such negative behaviour, it does no good. All speech and written word from you must reflect this achieved spiritual standing of yourself. When you speak to another, speak the truth without being hurtful and callous. Yes, it is possible to honest and kind at the same time, many have of your brothers and sisters are doing this now and it’s an ability I would like to see demonstrated more often. I have witnessed so many sharp words cut down people to shreds with their dignity left blowing in the wind. That kind of behaviour dear ones is nothing to brag or be prideful for.
Conduct yourself in activities that are moral, honest and alleviate any feelings of discord and disharmony. Learn to be forgiving and seek forgiveness if you feel you may have wronged another. Even though you cannot undo the past from any endeavors you have taken part in, you still have the ability to learn from them. Being able to forgive is important to all that is involved. Why do you need to forgive? You don’t have to forgive if you choose not to; after all it is your choice. I will answer why it is good to forgive. The ability to forgive removes any lingering guilt that often remains after hurtful words are left. Guilt is heavy dear ones; the energy from guilt has been known to cause a great many dear souls to become ill and even depressed. Before you forgive or seek forgiveness, understand what you are truly forgiving. It is more than the unkind words spoken; it has to do with the emotional feelings attached to the words that must be recognized. Through understanding you will witness yourself changing. Sometimes there are situations where you cannot face-to-face tell a person you forgive them. Forgiving them in spirit is heard by God and the Universe and your words are meaningful and they do have an impact on your feeling of yourself. Your intent is pure, your heart is full of love and you mean every single word. Through the reason why you give forgiveness you demonstrate through words or thoughts what is you learned of yourself, what strengths you noticed of yourself become stronger. It is never too late to forgive dear ones; there is always time to grow and to change as change brings hope for a stronger tomorrow that is rich with possibilities of learning new things and developing new ways of doing things that are light and good.
We are indeed coming to an end. The time we had together today has filled my soul with so much joy. This joy that I am overflowing with, I wish to share it with all of you, allow the joyful energy to uplift you through the days to come and to remain in joyful spirits.
And so it is, Master Gautama Buddha through Julie Miller

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