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Julie Miller ~ The Highest of Good ~

Message from Ascended Master Maitreya
Channeled by Julie Miller
May 30, 2012

A wonderful pleasure it is to speaking to so many beautiful souls today through your beloved sister. I am deeply honoured for the opportunity and through my humble gratitude I wish to begin our transmission imparting upon each of you the love and light that shines through my heart unto each of you to uplift you and restore any energy depletions you may have been experiencing.
Each of you are meant to become your own master, and to make this come to light you must be able to let go of any pre-conditioned thoughts and perceptions and permit love to flow freely through your heart. You will master more of yourself as you come home to absolute truth of yourself, allowing all walls and illusions to drop away leaving room for your brilliant light and pure love to shine through every action, thought and word regardless if the word is written or spoken. Yes my dears you are very much permitted to your truth. It is yours and your truth when you speak it is encouraged to be done with love and not causing harm in any way onto another precious soul who is also trying to find their way.


Greg Giles ~ Message From The Ashtar Command ~ 30 May 2012 ~

 It is your task as Lightworkers in the field to do what you can to rise above the, at times, negative and even hostile atmospheres created throughout your online social networks. It is not your job to engage in debate and argument with individuals who do not yet understand and practice a more positive way to communicate. You have been trained and have shown that you can ignore the quips, insults and attempts to lure you into argument. You have demonstrated how well you can perform your duties as a bringer of higher ideals and adequately perform your duties even under the fire of seemingly opposing forces who do not, and at times cannot, see the larger picture and understand the importance of positive communication that brings about advancements to each person engaged in these discussions.

Sheldan Nidle ~ Update ~We bless all of humanity and are in ecstasy about what is shortly to happen ~

4 Men, 8 Pax, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Much continues to happen behind closed doors on your world. The dark cabal bankers have created a situation of such unruliness with their mass of illegal debt instruments that they have become the means of forcing the banking industry to take on new management and drastic changes of operation.

We have used these fraudulent banking practices as the grounds for bringing in a new global financial system. The cabalists’ hubris has forged a debt situation so massive that it has become the weight that will break the back of the dark power that has run roughshod over your world for centuries. The magnitude of their fraud and criminality is beyond question, and with the assistance of a number of brave souls our liaison personnel have gathered enough case materials to force these scalawags to heel. Finally, a method of general resolution is becoming crystal clear. We have asked our liaisons and certain members of the surface world’s secret sacred societies to meet with these defiant ones to compel them to affix their signatures to an agreement allowing the new financial system to go ahead.


Wes Annac ~ The Pleiadian High Council: You are Catapulting Toward Your Goals in Increased Acceleration ~

The most potent of alignments has just been reached on the surface of your world (1) and, suffice to say, we had very much to do with the energy sent to your world and through your bodies from these alignments.

We participated along with innumerable amounts of ascended beings in this wonderful beaming of energy through your Sun and your moon, onto the surface of Earth where such energy is shaping and forming your new reality set to unfold in your very near future, with the help, of course, of your own thoughts and visualizations which are to bloom beautifully and gloriously into wonderful manifestations in your reality.


Ron Head ~ You are becoming YOU ~

Michael channeled by Ron Head
May 30,2012

We speak this morning of your many religions and their single truth. There is a divinity within all life. The very highest value in the multiverses is the sacredness of life. All similarities among your various belief systems are due to the agreement upon this one principle.

Life is given by your Creator as an extension of the creative principle itself. The urge to create and the freedom to create are valued beyond price. The creative force itself is at the heart of, and is the goal of, all true spiritual experience. To the extent that this is recognized in thought, there would be no argument among the belief systems on your planet or any other.


Video ~ Laura Tyco -SaLuSa 30 May 2012 – The More Consciousness, the Quicker you Will Rise ~

The More Consciousness you Envelop your Life with, the Quicker you Will Rise Above Duality – Private TAUK with SaLuSa from Sirius channelled through Laura Tyco

We come to you today with most wonderful news. Indeed our Earth Brothers and Sisters we are half way into the transition period between the ring eclipse and Venus Transit. The energies of Venus Transit will continue affecting you for a few more days in a very permanent way after the actual Transit.
These astrological events are really doorways into Higher dimensions and consciousness. These are portals of light directed directly at you and your Mother Earth. We recommend you to connect with your body’s own energies, in order to equally distribute the incoming light into your entire body. Consciously allow these energies of pure light to activate your DNA at a cellular level, and clear all unwanted energies from your body and energy. Once again you will be restored into the highest form of light being, just as you have experienced before your life on Mother Earth.
We also invite you to actively order that all negative spirit leave your sphere, and your energy field. Ask them to leave your body, your room, and your house. Instead ask your protectors and guardian angels, as well as your Higher Self to cover you their white wings of pure love and light energy.
We wish you all to enjoy this true transformation for your planet. These are truly wondrous times for you right now. We, of the Galactic Federation, wish you to experience these times in the most conscious and awaken manner possible for you. The more awareness and consciousness you envelop your life with at this time, the quicker you will raise above the hash dual world, into a world of sensitivity, care, and love.
We love you very much.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius channelled through Laura Tyco.
Copyright © Laura Tyco. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice link: http://galacticlauratyco.blogspot.com/

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Release ~

Let go of indecisive thoughts


When you feel confused or indecisive, it is a clue that you need more information in order to take your next step. Take some time to be alone, in nature if you can as this offers fresh air and oxygen to help clear your body and mind so we can help you to open your heart and see the circumstances in your life in a new light. Do some research, seek guidance and then make your next decision from a firm foundation. Give any guilt, anger, blame or heaviness to your angels and as you release, you make room for more to come your way.

When you are ready for action, you will know and that is the perfect time to dive right in and embrace your desires.  Take some time to have a little fun and enjoy yourself along the path as your life is transitioning.  Keep a loving and positive outlook and feel peace and tranquility in your heart as you move forward.

Have a blessed day and know you are loved and supported, always, the angels

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji,Kiitos


  Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon TaphornAll rights reserved.


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