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The “Earthquake” in Mexico Yesterday

Jim Stone put this video up…he is down in Mexico hiding out from the Cabal who wants him dead for his whistleblowing on Fukashima…

No, there was no “earthquake” per se; as I have reported, it was the destruction of a Mantis underwater base, with subsequent small nuke explosions. So yes, the info being put out is to cover up the truth…because how is the mainstream media, owned by the Cabal, going to explain an ET war going on in our skies and oceans?

~ by Former White Hat

The Mexico quake that DID NOT HAPPEN..wmv

Published on 12 Apr 2012 by

This is the FAKE April 11 earthquake in Mexico that was reported as REAL by both the USGS and CBS news. Folks, there was NO EARTHQUAKE, there was an earthquake DRILL, and since they triggered an earthquake in Chiapas during an earthquake drill there, I made it a point to pull out my pocket cam and start recording, just in case they triggered a real earthquake for THIS drill.

Nothing happened, and I was going to delete the video, until I found out today that both the USGS and CBS reported the “drill” as a real earthquake! CBS said it swayed the buildings in Mexico city, that’s a load of BS, NOTHING AT ALL HAPPENED, and I reported the real quake that happened on March 20 within minutes on my site, only to later discover it was man made, which I subsequently reported.

The implications of this are enormous, because now they are reporting stuff that did not happen. I’d bet this is what happened in Japan as well, we have entered an incredible new era of lies where the media cannot even be trusted to report a natural event (or lack of one) honestly.
A reader sent me the USGS record of this quake, which put it at 5:55:10 and a magnitude of 6.5. Watch the video, where I show the time on my watch. It’s four minutes BEFORE the USGS reported time, and I shot the video straight through the phony “quake”.

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