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Video ~ Magenta Pixie – What is Channeling? ~

What is Channeling?

I have been asked to explain channeling by several people so here is my attempt to do this.  Channeling can be viewed in many ways but it is essentially communication with a being or energy outside yourself, from a higher dimension of existence, or a deeper part of yourself.



I Kuthumi and Lord Hilarion come to share with you knowledge, peace and love. We here are all aware of the stirrings of the great energy Gaia ( Earth) as she seeks to cleanse old energies, and prepare for the new. This is similar to what mankind must also undertake. Some have begun, some are merely thinking about the whole idea, others have completed, let go and are ready and waiting to step into the new energy fields almost upon you. Lord Hilarion will continue.

So we, the Council of Light are gathered, offering our assistance for As above- So below to become complete reality for all. To help you ease comfortably into the new energies I wish to take you back to your childhood. This was a time when you could play, have fun, freely laugh and also cry when you fell or were hurt by another’s words. As you cried you innocently released the pain. Then it was gone and very soon you were playing and laughing again. This was a time of being always present without thoughts of responsibility, pressure or control. You were simply present. Concerned with what you wanted at each moment. That want could be a ball, a drink, or just to explore the world of your own back yard. Do you remember?


Star Gazer – Cheryl ~ Galactic Federation of Light Message – April 29th 2012 ~

Discouragement, disappointment and uncertainty. These are all emotions based on fear. Fear has no place in the higher realms, so those of you who are experiencing these emotions at this time need to recognize these feelings for what they are, and ask for assistance in ridding yourselves of them. We can help you with this.

We realize that many of you are awaiting your own personal experience of first contact with us, many of you already have, and we have learned much from these initial contactees. Subsequent meetings will therefore be much more favorable, as there were many difficulties for us to overcome in arranging meet ups with you all, but experimentation with our technology upon your world has opened up many new options to us. So we anticipate that subsequent meetings will be a lot easier to organize and more beneficial to us all. 


Montague Keen – April 29, 2012

April 29, 2012

My dear Veronica, I am very aware of the depth of pain you are feeling as so many reports of the Great Deception come to you from so many different sources. I know that it is hard to understand how such people have been able to hoodwink so many for so long. The problem is that people only see what they want to see. Unfortunately, the time has come when they have no choice. It is time to see things as they are, not as they would like them to be.

You have been cruelly deceived by the people you had placed your trust in. The Cabal are experts in deception, they have had years of practice. They thought they had covered everything, but they were not able to silence everyone. David Icke, Alex Jones, Gilad Atzmon, Michael Tsarion, and many others; as well as the creators of the web sites which have shown the strength of character to stand up to the abuse and attacks that have been levelled at them, have the courage to reveal the truth. These people have sacrificed their lives to bring you the real truth, to save you from the fate which the Cabal had planned for you.

Steve Beckow ~ May 20th Solar Eclipse Alignments ~

Posted by Steve Beckow

More on the May 20, 2012 solar eclipse. See Gillian MacBeth Louthan’s April 28, 2012 article as well. Thanks to Donna.

May 20th Solar Eclipse Alignments

Solar Annular Eclipse – 20th May 2012
Global Planetary Alignments with Sacred Sites


Maximum Eclipse at 23:47 UT/GMT

This Eclipse begins west of Hong Kong, then it passes north of Taiwan and over Tokyo and Mount Fuji. It arcs up just south of the Aleutian Islands, Alaska at Maximum Eclipse (at 23:47 Universal Time = 14:47 AHDT / local time), then makes landfall at the northernmost edge of the San Andreas Fault. It passes over Mount Shasta, then crosses Nevada, Utah and New Mexico, and ends just inside Texas.

Path of May 20th Eclipse, with planetary alignments


Steve Beckow ~ An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael, April 30, 2012 ~

Posted by Steve Beckow

Archangel Michael told me in my reading with him April 25 that he wanted to talk this Monday about NESARA, Disclosure, and the unfoldment of the Divine Plan. Cryptically he added “let us also bring good news!”

I added mass arrests to his list and he agreed. And since then I’ve determined to talk to him as well about the transitions to higher dimensionality that he mentioned in that same reading and that we can apparently look forward to this coming month. (1)

Finally, if we have time left over, I’d also like him to follow up on what Ashtar said last week on what we should keep in mind as we contemplate meeting higher-dimensional beings, including galactics. We need to begin discussing that in earnest, I think, rather than simply assuming that no matter how we be with them, all will go well.

An Hour with an Angel airs Monday night, at 6:00 p.m. Pacific and 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.


Hilarion ~ Your Light is Now Illuminating Your Physical Body and Permeating Every Cell ~

Beloved Ones,

We see from this vantage point many transformations taking place within the hearts of a greater number of Humanity than ever before.

As they awaken and transform within themselves, the energy they create grows exponentially to encompass an ever greater field around the atmosphere of the Earth which in turn ignites more hearts to awaken and transform.

Be aware, Dear Ones, of the great power that you hold and wield, as you live your daily lives.

“I AM present, here, now.” Say these words often to align yourselves with your higher aspects which are now beginning to come closer to you.

You are starting to have more conscious inner conversations with your Higher Self as you go about your Earthly duties and much guidance comes through to you.


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