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Dear Friends and Family of Love & Light Portal,

We finally reach the tipping point – the long awaited day!

21-12-12  @ 11:11 a.m. 

Stay calm and relax!

Quote : Stay calm. Eat light. If you can, stay within your home. Have it be a quiet day. If not, do not worry about it. Your preparation is done!

~ Archangel Michael ~

Now let us go into our hearts and focus ourselves with the right intent…

In togetherness with all creations and Love in our Hearts – we ASCEND!

Happy journey and thank you for being the wonderful you.

May the warmth of Love and Light cuddle you.

Good Night everybody! 🙂




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As we move toward the December 21 solstice point, we find ourselves standing in the doorway of a new moment in human consciousness. Because everything in the universe is energy, the powerful alignment of the solstice point with the galactic equator marks the dawning of a dimensional shift toward a global awakening.

Awakening to the December 21st ‘Zero Point’

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Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Greetings, One and All, my fellow Lightworkers, the Love of my Heart, the Love of our Hearts. We present you today with another offering about your ascension.

For many it is already happening, and as I have said, it will happen in just the right way and time for each of you, if that remains your choice, and for you reading this, I trust it is.

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5th dimension 1

As each day goes by, the intensity will magnify in such a way that many of you will have a hard time keeping up with the pace. That is, it will feel like you have a hard time keeping up, or rather, your physical body will. But please rest assured that no one is being left behind here, and even if you at times feel like you are indeed struggling mightily to keep up the pace, you are not lagging in any way. For this time, it is not you setting the pace anymore. For as you have all entered this vortice of change, it is the pull of gravity into this deep wormhole that is pulling at you, and it is doing so at a set pace. So you are all being transported through this portal, whether you feel you are actively taking part in it or not.

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Sanat Kumara – 18 December 2012 – Breaking Through to the Other Side, by Tazjima

Not having any messages come in for the past week or so, I thought I might experiment and call in a master and see what happens. This past week or so has been an interesting one for me. I’ve had high highs and low lows. I’m sure quite a few of my readers can say the same thing or have similar experiences. I started out with a short meditation, invoking a tube of white light for protection and then:

I am invoking the Presence of beloved Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos.

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Received by, Julie Miller

December 18, 2012

 Every day each of you exercises your Will. Yet the Will still remains very much a mystery in such a profound way that many of you cannot even recognize this Divine Purpose of your Soul. Your Will is a fundamental and intimate part of you that is established into your very Self even though much of the time you are unaware of its existence. In truth dear ones, it is not possible to be always aware of your Will. Just like you cannot find the wind, but you are aware of it because you can feel it; the wind possesses an innate power much like the Will that you are aware of its presence and strength. There is a unique part of your Will that honourably speaks with “I” as part of your I AM Presence, the awareness of your Inner True-Self. Think of your Will as even more personal than ordinary awareness, your Will is the operator of your always developing awareness. Each of you are capable of being attentive of your awareness, yet at the same time you are unable to be directly conscious of your Will since your will is derived further than awareness; your Will demonstrates you as being aware. You can converse with your Will, go with the flow of your Will, awaken your Will and become all your Will can encompass.

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God said:

It sneaks up on you. Unbeknownst to you, awareness is tiptoeing its way to you. You may notice roughness encroaching upon you, yet the roughness you experience is making way for greater awareness. The perceived roughness is edging old ways out.

In the fairy tale, the beast is not a beast at all. Nor is the roughness you may be going through, no matter what it may look like, no matter how it feels — the roughness you are experiencing is not the roughness you take it for. It is a clearing. We could say a clearing of the throat. We could say it is a cleaning of the trough of ignorance so that higher consciousness can reach through to you.

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