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Angelic Assignments with Sharon Taphorn ~ Shield Yourself ~

Shielding Yourself

This week your mission – should you choose to accept it is: practice how you feel when you work with a shield. Play with it and see what works for you right now.

There are times when we humans want to shield ourselves, either because we are at a point in our spiritual growth when we are becoming sensitive and we are not confident in our own ability to work with or differentiate the energy, or we find ourselves in more dense, lower vibrating energy, or perhaps we just plain feel we need it to boost our energy and spirit.

I prefer to avoid words like protection since we are always safe and protection implies that some might feel they are not. Each of us has different definitions and understandings based on who we are and what our life experiences are. Try to always think of the actions you take in love. Meaning, when I add a layer of energy around me that is made of love, it feels entirely different to me and anyone who is around me than if I added a layer of protection to keep me safe from negative energy and malevolent forces. If my focus is on the later intention, those around me are going to feel all this heavy, negative energy, even though I might feel safe in my bubble, by my focus on negative energy and the Law of Attraction I have just called all that energy to me.

Loss and Loneliness During a Spiritual Awakening Process

At some point in time we each begin to awaken to who we really are, beyond the physical, beyond the conditioning and programming, and beyond the many games we play as humans on this ever evolving planet.

We chose to come here, knowing we would lose ourselves in the density of unconscious, knowing we would play and struggle with limitation and control, and also knowing that the challenges, suffering and insights we experience would support us to awaken from this illusion of separation.

As conscious rapidly evolves these days, more and more of us are awakening, and quickly. This triggers an array of ascension symptoms, including feelings of loss and loneliness. Of all the symptoms, I find these to be hardest at times. No matter how many well meaning, loving and supportive people you have around you, the lonely blues still set in.


Greg Giles ~ Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 4/14/12 ~

Despite some of the rumors you may have heard, the relocations of some individuals who currently live in certain areas that have shown themselves prone to flooding will be a very simple and easy procedure that will be concluded well before these areas become affected. We are here to assist with this procedure, and through our experience and advanced technologies this process will be completed smoothly and efficiently. There is absolutely nothing to be concerned about in this regard, and we will do all we can to make certain every individual who lives within these areas is given plenty of opportunity to relocate to the areas we consider safe. Through our advanced technologies, no one will have to rely on their own resources for this relocation. This is what we will offer, and it is up to each individual who lives within these areas to accept our assistance or to decline it.
  We will not insist that anyone except our offers of assistance or relocate from these areas on their own. We wish to make it clear that no harm will come to these individuals who relocate to these safe zones, and we wish at this time to dispel the unfounded rumors propagated by a few of those with fear in their hearts that this is some sort of trickery to fool you to relocate to areas where we would somehow attempt to control you. This is simply fear-based emotions dancing within the minds of a few individuals, and we say to you to find it in your hearts to trust. Find it in yourselves to be strong enough to resist this vibration of fear and do not let those who exist within this lower vibration lead you down a path that is not of your own choosing. It is time each of you has decided for yourselves which is the path you wish to travel, and we say to you that you have the choice to base your decision upon fear or base your decision upon love. This choice is up to you, and we will honor and respect your decision.

Wes Annac ~ My Experience With The Light Ship Tulya ~

We invite you all to make it your intent to be with us on Saturday, April 14th, for a visit to multiple Light Ships while in the dreamscape.

My experience with the Light Ship Tulya has been brief, but it has served to personally show me previously-hidden things about our Galactic brethren and the way they communicate with us and give us their energies in accordance with the purity we are able to absorb in any given moment in our experience.  We’ve heard through plenty of channeled sources, my own included, that there are and have been many dreamscape contacts taking place while our bodies lay sleeping, and I have only experienced and remembered a couple of these contacts.

One remembrance I have of inhabiting a Light Ship of some kind, was also extremely brief and difficult to remember. I remember being in a terminal of sorts, and I found myself facing a white gate with strange symbols written on it. There were people everywhere in this terminal, and it seemed just as normal and inhabited as any airport terminal on our world.

My fiancé has also had a very intense and real dreamscape encounter and contact with our Galactic brethren and been invited onto their ships. She was in a familiar neighborhood in her dreams and claims that I was with her, when beautiful Lights were seen in the sky and a ray of what can only be described as ‘beautiful shadow’ washed over the land and as this ray reached my fiancé and I and passed us, the surroundings changed to that of the interior of a Light Ship.


Galactic Federation of Light Message – April 12th 2012 ~ StarGazer – Cheryl ~

We would like to answer some questions that have been brought to our attention recently, clarify our intentions and calm your minds.

Firstly, we need to remind you all that the task of assisting the planet and all of her inhabitants to a successful ascension is the reason that a majority of you were brought to Earth. The call went out, asking for assistance, and you volunteered.

As the time for the ascension process draws nearer and nearer,you should all by now know, at least partially, what is required of you at this time. The only thing holding you back from receiving this awareness, is your own personal doubt, closed mindedness, fear or reluctance to know – which may, we might add, be a totally subconscious reaction.

We understand that many of you are still newly awakened, and as yet are still trying to find your feet, still trying to define who you are; but for those of you who have awakened so late in the game,your awareness will grow very rapidly, as there is just not enough time to integrate all of the information you need to know slowly any more.

Because of this, many of you will be experiencing headaches and dizziness – basically feeling like your head is going to explode. These feelings, although uncomfortable, will only last a couple of days. It is just the initial intake of so much new information in a short space of time that is causing this. And as the end result will be a greater understanding of your purpose – of why you are here, a day or two of discomfort should – for many of you, be well worth the sacrifice.

Another question that appears to be continually asked, is that of ‘when’?

When is disclosure going to happen?

When will we be reunited with our Star families?

When will ascension occur?

Why do we keep hearing the word ‘soon’?


The Grand Rebirth ~Peggy Black ~

~Peggy Black and the ‘team’ [Hathors]

We are here, honored to have this opportunity to once again share our energy through the medium of your words. Know however if you are reading these words or even listening to these words being read by another, they are carrying another level of energy and information that is truly beyond the frequency of the words on your page or the vibrations of the words being spoken.

It is through our energy offering that we are connecting to the many levels of your awareness that are just beyond your busy, active mental realms. May these words be the doorway perhaps to your expanded state of mind in which all things are possible.

We again want to empower you and remind you that you have all the incredible tools you might care to use in creating your new reality. You are moving rapidly into a new paradigm, a new expanded existence. Each day you are becoming more aware of who you truly are as magnificent multidimensional beings. You are beginning to own the ability as well as the awareness that you are here at this time, on this planet, in this dimension to call forth a new age.


Saul: Before the Illusion Dissolves Completely, Moments of Doubt and Anxiety May Occur

To awaken is your destiny and nothing can prevent you from achieving it.  Some of you may be going through periods of doubt and anxiety, when it seems that you have no connection with the spiritual aspects of yourselves during these last few moments before your awakening.

Do not be worried by this feeling of separation; it is just your becoming aware of the fact that in the illusion you do appear to be separate from one another and from God, and that is painful.

You chose to play the game of separation, and you have played it so well that you forgot that you are eternally and unbreakably connected to each other and to your Father.

Now, as you approach the moment of your awakening from this intense illusory state, you are remembering the rules of the game and experiencing an intimation of what the pain that separation from God would feel like, if it could happen.  It is indeed unsettling, but it will pass.

You are eternally one with God; no other state is possible.  Nevertheless, before the illusion dissolves completely, as you allow the glory of the divine Light of God to enfold you, moments of doubt and anxiety may occur.


Mike Quinsey ~ SaLuSa 11-April-2012 ~

SaLuSa 12-April-2012

As the word spreads about the changes, so more of you eagerly await the first acknowledgement through the media. Also as the details of the exploits our allies and the Galactic Federation become known, so more of you hold a strong belief in the outcome. After all, it has become patently obvious that unless changes take place, Man would sink further into the mire and eventually into oblivion. Those changes are being speeded up by our intervention, and intent to ensure that Divine orders are followed that will result in your release from the dark Ones. It only remains to arrest those who exercise the most power, so that the Illuminati can no longer function as a single unit.

Everything is in place for a whole series of events, so much so that you will be hard pressed to keep up with them. What we want to be able to do is to keep the masses of you well informed, so that there is no misunderstanding as to our intentions. Some people with religious expectations and desires will not accept us, as they will see our coming as different to what they have been told to expect. Indeed, some have been given to understand that we are in league with the Devil. We wish to dispel those feelings and doubts, as we are God loving and serve you in order to bring you out of enslavement.


Sheldan Nidle – April 10, 2012

April 10, 2012

7 Cimi, 19 Mac, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Events continue to move forward. In the post-Easter world, much is in the offing. In Asia, conferences have recently been held to determine the prerequisites for the new reality that is shortly to spring into being around you. At these meetings it was agreed that a number of prosperity funds would be used to create permanent wealth for Asia. Similar conferences were held in Europe and in the Americas. The vast amount of wealth accumulated by the Ascended Masters will be spread around your world to end poverty and to promote health and well being for all. Funds will also be given to preselected individuals in order to create another avenue for disseminating these spectacular amounts of money. These resources are to be used to introduce the new technologies that will be made available to your world in the areas of health, agriculture, and transportation. Together, you will form partnerships with each other that permit a great deal of long-suppressed information to be made public. This new information and new technology will be the basis for shifting your present societies to the Light.

The new governance and the new financial system will be greatly facilitated by this new global abundance. Heaven has been using her infinite powers to ensure the acceleration of this immense shift in consciousness. We are just one part of this complex operation to shift your world to the Light. Another point to be made here is that the demise of the Anchara Alliance abruptly halted the support that the dark cabal had previously relied on. This loss of much-valued allies has cut off these dark individuals and groups from their ‘hand at the helm’ and is another sign, for those in the know, that the days of the cabal’s stranglehold are numbered. This group is now frantically trying to secure a deal with the Light to lessen the initial punishment it faces. Heaven’s purpose here is not to punish these miscreants so much as to have such chastisement serve as a means to wipe away the old dark energies of your world and replace them permanently with the Light.

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: A Discussion of our Organization

We happily come before you again at this time to dive into a further explanation of who we are and what we are doing for you and your world at this time. We are an organization, a collective of souls who have established a dimensional evolution and perception that is greater than the majority of dear souls making up the Pleiadian Councils, and we have more of a knowledge and perception of many earthly and otherwise matters, than many souls within the General and High Council of the Pleiades possess.

The establishment of various organizations within the Council of any given race in the Galactic Federation is established in a hierarchical manner, but this is not a hierarchy that is based on judgment or a perceived worthiness on the parts of the souls who are more established in these hierarchies.

This system that guides the various Councils within the Galactic Federation is one based on the dimensional level and growth of each and every soul inhabiting each and every Council and decision-making group. We have many Councils that are comprised of the structures of this hierarchy that we have informed you of, and within our ranks are numerous advanced and ascended souls, some of which their evolutionary levels far surpass what even many of us in this Council have attained.



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